10 Alternative Uses for Brussels Sprouts

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, everyone has an opinion on Brussels sprouts. Like many workplaces and households across the country, the team at Rangecookers.co.uk is divided over this seasonal staple. Read More...

10 Must Try Christmas Desserts

There’s always room for more food at Christmas. Let’s face it, most of us prepare more than one festive dessert and we’ll always make room for second helpings, even after the main meal.

Keep Cool This Christmas: Rangecooker.co.uk’s Festive Planner

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. In addition to the most horrendously stressful. However, us helpful folk here at Rangecookers.co.uk have the answer - plan, plan, plan! Read More...

15 Tasty Christmas Dinner Alternatives

The Christmas dinner ritual may seem set in stone, with immovable staples such as roast turkey, sprouts and sage and onion stuffing, served in the same way each year, but here at Rangecookers we have trawled the Internet to find evidence to the contrary.

Competition: Can You Build a Better Burger?

Why not make a change from the same old this year and serve up something a little different during the holiday season, something everyone loves…a delicious burger? Read More...

Britannia Colourange Goes a Bit Custard Jug!

Britannia Colourange Cornishware
Many people will be familiar with Cornishware, or would recognise their characteristic blue and white striped crockery as an established part of British dining and kitchen culture… Read More...

Gas Range Cookers for Stylish Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Gas Range Cookers
The idea of a gas cooker may seem old-fashioned, but although many younger cooks may have inherited their love of gas cookers from a generation or two above they are definitely looking for a little contemporary edge in the kitchen. Here we look at some great gas range cooker solutions for the style-conscious home baker… Read More...

National Chocolate Week - Win Lots of Chocolate!

It’s National Chocolate Week! What better way to celebrate it than by winning copious amounts of Hotel Chocolat goodies courtesy of us genorous souls at Rangecookers.co.uk? But what do we need to do, you might ask? Read More...

Britannia Wyre Ranges - Save Up to £500!

Britannia Wyre Savings
Great news for enthusiastic cooks who have had their eye on a Britannia for a while - their rather nice Wyre model has been reduced in price by up to £500... Read More...

The Rangemaster Nexus 90 - Beautifully Engineered to Cook

Rangemaster Nexus 90
A couple of months ago Rangemaster lunched the exciting new Nexus 110 - a great looking range cooker inspired by its considerably more expensive Mercury stablemate... Read More...

Further Hi-Lites, as a New Rangemaster 100 Becomes Available

Rangemaster Hi-Lite 100
Rangemaster have launched a metre-wide version of their new Hi-Lite range cooker, which up to now has only been available in 90 and 110cm sizes... Read More...

How to Clean Stainless Steel

Cleaning Stainless Steel
Brushed stainless steel is undoubtedly a great finish to have in the kitchen - attractive, hygienic and purposeful - but it does tend to show up all those water-stains, grease and fingermarks that occur with everyday use... Read More...

British Food Fortnight & The Quintessential British Meal!

British Food Fortnight runs from 20th September to 5th October and sets out to celebrate and promote all aspects of British food from growth and harvest through to the preparation, cooking and most importantly enjoyment of British dishes! Read More...

Belling 90cm Gas Ranges - Order Now

Belling have announce that they will be launching gas versions of their popular 90cm range cookers at the end of September 2014. The new Belling Classic 90GT, DB4 90GT and DB4 90GT Professional will receive a warm welcome from loyal Belling fans who love the compact 90cm format and who prefer to cook using gas... Read More...

Stoves Launch 90cm Gas Range Cookers

Stoves 90cm gas cookers
90cm range cookers are a very popular choice, as they offer the increased cooking capacity and the visual impact of a range cooker whilst still being compact enough to fit into a smaller kitchen. Although 90cm gas cookers are something of a rarity it seems that Stoves, one of the most popular cooking brands in the UK, has been listening to their customers and has just launched gas versions of their existing British-made Stoves Richmond and Sterling models - something that should go down very well with home bakers... Read More...

Free Chimney Hood with All Stoves Range Cookers for July!

Free Hood with Stoves Ranges
Another great value promotion for Rangecookers.co.uk customers - a FREE chimney hood when you order ANY Stoves range cooker in July 2014. Available on all Stoves Richmond and Sterling 90, 100 and 110cm ranges, this great promotion saves you up to
off the normal hood price!

Belling and Stoves Grill Pan Handles

Grill Handles
As you would expect, at Rangecookers.co.uk we sell a great many Belling and Stoves range cookers. One common problem we come across is that it sometimes isn’t immediately obvious how to fix the handle to the grill pan! Read More...

Free Rangemaster Hood - Exclusive July Promotion

Free Rangemaster Hood
In an exclusive promotion for July 2014, order any Rangemaster range cooker from Rangecookers.co.uk and you can add a Rangemaster extractor hood worth up to
, absolutely FREE!

The Select 70df Single - A 70cm Range Cooker on a 13 Amp Plug!

Rangecookers Select 70df Single
It is tempting to say that 70cm range cookers are a bit like London buses - nothing appears for ages and then two come along at once! Well, the design team at Rangecookers.co.uk have been busy, and in recognition of customer needs are launching a new stablemate for their rather nice and recently launched Select 70df, in the form of the equally handsome Rangecookers Select 70df Single... Read More...

Cooking with your Rangemaster - Macaroons

Rangemaster Classic Macaroons
What could be more delightful on a summer afternoon than a plate of macaroons and a pot of tea? And what better way to show off your Rangemaster’s impressive capabilities? Macaroons are very on-trend at the moment, and these colourful treats can be a great excuse for getting a few people round for a catch-up, so why not show what you can do by following our recipe below? Read More...

Ooh La La - the Rangemaster Elise Gets 2 New Colours

Rangemsster Elise Olive Green
Good news for lovers of Rangemaster’s French-style range series, the Rangemaster Elise, as some new colours have been added to extend its appeal even further... Read More...

Beat the 1 June Price Rise on Stoves, Belling and New World

Stoves & Belling Price Increase
Appliance manufacturer GDHA have announced a significant and industry-wide price increase due on
1 June 2014
, so if you are considering a Stoves, Belling or New World range cooker or any other appliance -
is the time to order if you want to save money. Read More...

The Rangemaster Nexus Arrives, and in Considerable Style

Rangemaster Nexus 110
A stunning new range cooker has been launched by the UK’s number 1 range cooker brand, and the Rangemaster Nexus is quite a stunner. The rather gorgeous Rangemaster Nexus will appeal to those with very contemporary tastes, enjoying as it does a very clean and stylish aesthetic which owes much to Rangemaster’s prestigious sister brand, Mercury... Read More...

Rangecookers Ethos Collection - Rare Quality at a Lower Price

Rangecookers Ethos Pricing
As range cookers go, the Ethos collection from Rangecookers certainly catches the attention. Clearly a quality offering, the unusually refined looks and, on closer inspection, very solid and professional feel, have already convinced many discerning cooks that the Ethos is the cooker for them. Great news, then, as these stunningly good range cookers are now more affordable than ever before... Read More...

Rangemaster Packaging - Optimum Strength and Efficiency

When you order a Rangemaster from Rangecookers.co.uk you can feel confident that the whole process will be handled with professionalism, from our superb and knowledgeable admin team through to Rangemaster’s highly trained delivery crew. An important part of the process is the effort Rangemaster have put into the product packaging... Read More...

Rangecookers Select 70df Arrives, and is Quite a Performer!

A very nice addition to our showroom arrived this week, and the Rangecookers team was very excited to take a good look at our new 70cm range cooker, the Rangecookers Select 70df, fresh from the factory and looking extremely impressive, though we say it ourselves... Read More...

FREE Stoves Dishwasher with All Stoves Range Cookers for April

Free Stoves Dishwasher
Wow - if you order a Stoves range cooker before
Wednesday 30 April 2014
you can add a stunning Stoves integrated dishwasher absolutely FREE. Normally
, the Stoves S600DW will be delivered with your range cooker. This brilliant promotion is too good to miss, so ORDER NOW and take advantage, even if you do not need delivery until a later date... Read More...

Save £50 on Each Extra Appliance with MultiBuy from Rangecookers!

£50 MultiBuy Saving
We here at Rangecookers.co.uk believe in passing on savings where we can, and our regular rolling


discount is designed to do just that. When you add an extractor hood, fridge, hob, dishwasher or any appliance to your

range cooker

or built in


order we pass on our delivery cost saving and give you
off the price - that's £50 to spend on something else! Read More...

FREE Chimney Hood with Rangemaster Ranges for April

If you order a qualifying Rangemaster range cooker during
April 2014
you can add a rather nice high performance chimney hood to your order, absolutely FREE! Read More...

FREE Connection and Removal with Rangemaster for April

April only
when you order ANY Rangemaster range cooker you can add FREE disconnection and removal of your old cooker, plus FREE connection of your brand new range - services which would normally cost
- how convenient!

FREE Cast Iron Wok Support with Belling Ranges during April

Free Wok Support
If you order a qualifying Belling range cooker from Rangecookers.co.uk during
April 2014
you can also include a rather nice and very handy cast iron Wok Support worth £45 - absolutely FREE! Read More...

Visit Smeg's Colourful and Spacious Ideal Home Stand

Smeg Ideal Home
On until the end of March 2014 at Earl’s Court in London, the Ideal Home Show is always a great day out for anyone interested in the latest and best ideas for the home, and like many major appliance manufacturers, Smeg do not mind spending a bit on an impressive stand to attract consumers to the benefits of owning a Smeg range cooker, refrigerator or built in appliance... Read More...

Great Offers Ending 31 March - Don't Miss Out!

We have some great promotions running at the moment, and many eagle-eyed customers have taken advantage of them, but if you have been considering a Stoves or Belling range cooker purchase you would be wise to act now, as these brilliant added-value promos will be ending on
31 March 2014
...

Britannia Colourange Drops in Price - A Bespoke Britannia for Less

Britannia have revealed that from March 2014 their excellent Colourange service, which allows you to specify your cooker in a colour of your own choosing, is now much more affordable than it has been in the past. If you have always wanted a range cooker in Barbie pink, duck egg blue or canary yellow, due to much improved production costs you can now have a gorgeous custom Britannia for £845 extra - almost half the previous premium... Read More...

A Tour of Lacanche Country - 8 of 12: Rully

Lacanche Rully range cookers are conceived and hand-built in the town of Lacanche, Burgundy, giving us a great excuse for a virtual tour of this amazingly beautiful and bountiful region and a closer look at the place that gives this cooker its name… Read More...

Inspiration... Bold and Beautiful

Ranges in Bold Colours
If you are one of those people who love to brighten their days with liberal use of bright colour around the home, you will probably find you are able to carry this through to your large appliances, too, and particularly to your cooker. Range cookers are a great way to make a statement anyway, but going for one in a colour which suits your more colourful outlook on life is an opportunity not to be missed... Read More...

Westahl Range Cookers - Superb Appliances, Big Savings NOW!

Westahl Range Cookers
One of the best cooker brands you can buy, and also one of the best-looking, Westahl is however something of an enigma for many UK consumers. Despite the Germanic or east-European sounding name, Westahl is simply a Lacanche with a modern look- a French cooker and definitely a sound investment for anybody serious about cooking - and about style. With an imminent and long overdue significant price-rise, Westahl ranges are currently a real bargain, too... Read More...

Belling by Sebastian Conran - Perfect for Discerning British Tastes

Belling by Sebastian Conran
Since launching Belling’s beautiful Designer Range by Sebastian Conran on our Rangecookers.co.uk website there has been a lot of interest. The elegant design and delicate designer details are a big hit with UK consumers who want their integrated appliances to bring a little more finesse into their kitchen, as a change from the run-of-the mill offerings from foreign brands... Read More...

The Britannia 110 - A Capable and Confident Pedigree Performer

Britannia 110 Range Cookers
People who invest in a Britannia range cooker are usually serious cooks looking for a serious cooker, and one with some extra cosmetic and cooking finesse. Britannia meets this need by offering an impressive range of products each of which is built to look and feel like the only cooker you will ever need. Nowhere is this more true than on their Britannia 110 models, which are a popular choice here in the UK... Read More...

Rangecookers.co.uk Welcomes ILVE Range Cookers

ILVE Range Cookers
Rangecookers.co.uk are delighted to announce the addition of ILVE (pronounced “ILL-VAY”) to our online range cooker collection. An excellent Italian manufacturer, ILVE range cookers are internationally renowned for their unusually high quality and cooking integrity, their tasteful appearance and the breadth of choice available... Read More...

The New Alpine 90df from Rangecookers - A Breath of Fresh Air

Rangecookers Alpine 90df
One of the many benefits of a range cooker is the opportunity to add character to your kitchen and your home. The design team at Rangecookers understands this very well, it seems, and are proud to announce the addition of a lovely new 90cm range to their collection - the Rangecookers Alpine 90df... Read More...

Stunning New 70cm Range Cooker from Rangecookers

Rangecookers Select 70cm Range Cooker
Some people simply do not have space in their kitchen for a full size range cooker but may still aspire to owning a cooker with a bit more visual impact and cooking capacity than a standard 60cm cooker. If this applies to you, the answer may lie in the pleasing shape of this new 70cm mini-range from Rangecookers - the Select 70df... Read More...