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One of the best cooker brands you can buy, and also one of the best-looking, Westahl is however something of an enigma for many UK consumers. Despite the Germanic or east-European sounding name, Westahl is simply a Lacanche with a modern look - a French cooker and definitely a sound investment for anybody serious about cooking - and about style. With an imminent and long overdue significant price-rise, Westahl ranges are currently a real bargain, too.

Lacanche is famous throughout the world as a family-owned manufacturer which builds professional-grade cookers to a very high standard, with an amazing choice of formats, a dazzling variety of high-lustre enamels and solid metal trim finishes. Owning one of these ranges is a dream come true for lovers of food and gastronomy - a real work-horse which becomes a stunning centre-piece of the kitchen and a much loved member of the family. The very French styling of a Lacanche is not everyone’s cup of tea, though, which is where the Westahl brand steps in to provide home chefs harbouring more contemporary tastes with a truly mouth-watering cooking platform. The clean, simple aesthetic and great use of quality materials and colour makes Westahl something very special indeed, and it is true to say that photographs do not do Westahl justice.

Westahl Range Cookers 90 and 100

The two most popular Westahl formats are currently priced up to £655 below their Lacanche counterparts*, and are every bit as good

Minimalist Looks, Maximum Performance

Like a well-kept secret, Westahl range cookers have not enjoyed much in the way of profile-raising attention here in the UK, but this is set to change this year, with a new UK website and online brochure in the pipeline. The immediate benefit of this lack of attention is that the current prices (February 2014) are

well below

what they should and will shortly be, so if you are looking for an incredibly good, highly attractive, quality range for a bargain price a Westahl should be at the top of your list. Not that a Westahl is cheap, of course, but the reason for that is clear when you take even a cursory look at these hand-built cookers. With a lead-time of 8-10 weeks, every cooker is put together by an individual craftsman in Lacanche’s impressive factory in Burgundy, France; heavy-gauge food-grade steel is used throughout, and the gorgeously coloured enamel and thick chrome plating on the chunky controls certainly add up to a feast for the eye, all underpinned by powerful industrial-strength components and expert engineering which makes a Westahl the ultimate cooking machine. Westahl ranges come with a full three year warranty.

Westahl 962 in Anise

Stylishly simple, this Westahl WG-962 in Anise looks stunning, and is available with the tall oven on the left or right

Diverse Formats

The Westahl comes in almost as many formats and sizes as its Lacanche siblings. 70, 90, 100, 110, 140 and 150cm widths are available, with a choice of powerful gas hobs in Classic or Traditional style (traditional having a professional-style simmer plate instead of a central burner), or stunning induction hobs. On larger models you can add your preferred modular hob area to the default offering, allowing you to specify extra gas burners, a griddle area, induction zones, barbecue or deep fat fryer to suit your style of cooking. Similarly, you can combine a choice of static, fanned, dual function electric or even gas ovens or simmer/proving ovens depending on your needs. The result is a bespoke cooker to give you many years of cooking pleasure and loyal, rugged performance.

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for information on other sizes.

Westahl Details

It is probably true to say that if these cookers were branded differently as, say Lacanche Moderne or Lacanche Avant Garde, the UK consumer would immediately understand the proposition and sales would be healthier as a result, but the French manufacturers are evidently keen to keep a Lacanche recognisably as a Lacanche, so these amazingly solid and stunning-looking Westahl range cookers are a discrete and more discerning choice than they ought to be. With more exposure we think the UK consumer would love them to bits, and if they can overcome the distraction of an alien-sounding brand and understand the heritage of these impressive cookers more readily will fall in love with Westahl as much as we at Rangecookers.co.uk have. Our advice - buy one NOW before the price rise and save hundreds of pounds, you will not regret it!

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*Prices correct as of February 2014