Rangecookers Select 70df Arrives, and is Quite a Performer!

A very nice addition to our showroom arrived this week, and the Rangecookers team was very excited to take a good look at our new 70cm range cooker, the Rangecookers Select 70df, fresh from the factory and looking extremely impressive, though we say it ourselves.

Select 70cm Range Cooker

Compact and Powerful Format

The Select 70df has two ovens and a powerful five burner hob - a great formula whether you have a kitchen with an existing 70cm space, or a smaller kitchen where you are looking for a cooker with a bit more visual impact and cooking power than a standard 60cm format can give. A fanned main oven with an unusually generous 53 litre capacity, and a 35 litre conventional top oven with electric grill, both with A-rated energy efficiency, plus a five burner hob which includes a 3.5kW triple ring wok burner - what more could a serious cook need? Couple this with a clean and professional stainless steel look which is very pleasing to the eye, and the Select 70df stacks up very well indeed for its terrific value
price tag.

Exceptional Baking Performance

Every new cooker model is tested at the factory to ensure it conforms to European and British standards, and part of this procedure is a baking test where trays of sponge cakes are baked over different levels within the cavity and the results examined for evenness of browning, rising level and overall quality. We have seen (and even, in former lives, conducted) a good many of these tests over the years, but the results for the Select 70df have surprised us as being truly exceptional.

Select 70df Bake Test

Pre-heated to 160°C and bake-tested over 20 minutes, the fan oven is remarkably consistent, with even and uniform browning and rising level at the test-standard shelf positions of 1, 2 and 3 from the cavity base (one test with shelf 2 only and the other with 1 and 3 together). Only the rear right corner at the lowest level showed slightly darker, but barely noticeably. Thermostat accuracy is also tested at target temperatures from 50 to 250°C at 25° increments, and again this proved very positive, with the average reading for 200°, for example, of 196° (and 148° for a target of 150°) - well within acceptable limits of variation. All very good to know, and a reassurance that the platform as a whole is definitely the right choice for us and our customers!

This new 70cm cooker joins our established Select 90df, Select 90e and Select 100df models and matching accessories, which continue to prove so popular with UK consumers looking for great style, quality and exceptional value. If you like the look of the Select 70df and fancy something rather special for your more compact kitchen, we recommend to take a good look at the Select 70df. It seems it can certainly bear some close scrutiny!

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*Price correct as of September 2014