The Select 70df Single - A 70cm Range Cooker on a 13 Amp Plug!

It is tempting to say that 70cm range cookers are a bit like London buses - nothing appears for ages and then two come along at once! Well, the design team at have been busy, and in recognition of customer needs are launching a new stablemate for their rather nice and recently launched Select 70df, in the form of the equally handsome Rangecookers Select 70df Single.

This new 70cm cooker is aimed at customers who love the idea of a larger-than-standard, range-style cooker but who may not have sufficient electrical supply for the existing dual cavity Select 70df. The Select 70df Single only needs a 13 amp socket to operate (plus a gas supply, of course), so there is no need to re-wire your kitchen to get this lovely mini-range in!

70cm Single Cavity Range Cooker

Lovely Looks with a Professional Quality

The first thing you notice about the Select 70df Single is how nice it looks. Clean, professional lines and crisp, purposeful metalised controls and stainless steel door handle set the tone and set off the brushed stainless steel finish nicely. The beauty is not just skin-deep, though, as the Rangecookers designers have made sure the build quality is up to scratch, with details like laser-etched control graphics which will not rub away, and all for the very affordable price of
*, including VAT and delivery. That even includes a full two year warranty.

Range-style Specification

The specification is enticing, with a terrific five burner gas hob with nicely shaped, matt-coated cast iron pan supports. The central triple ring wok burner gives you 3.5kW of cooking power, with single-handed auto ignition and flame failure cut-outs, and there is an LPG conversion kit supplied should you need it. The programmable and A-rated oven is multifunction, meaning that you can use it for fanned or non-fanned cooking, browning or crisping, plus there is a variable electric grill for closed door fanned grilling or normal door-ajar grilling. Wipe-clean enamel lines the oven interior, and the inner door glass is removable for easy cleaning. Below the oven is a storage compartment with a flap door, useful for trays and trivets.

If you have a smallish kitchen, are a cooking enthusiast or would just love a more professional look in the kitchen, then the Rangecookers Select 70df is a great solution. Whether you go for the dual cavity model or this electrically less demanding Select 70df Single, the very attractive price and sheer style of these small cookers with range cooker personas, coupled with their origins from a well-established and trusted range specialist, makes them a worthy addition to your shopping list.

Announced June 2014, production of the new Select 70df Single is now scheduled-in with its excellent Italian manufacturer, and the first deliveries are due to happen from mid-August. Exclusive to, to ensure one of these has your name on it you can place a pre-order NOW, or can see the full product details, by clicking the link below.

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*Prices correct as of September 2014