The Rangemaster Nexus 90 - Beautifully Engineered to Cook

A couple of months ago Rangemaster lunched the exciting new Nexus 110 - a great looking range cooker inspired by its considerably more expensive Mercury stablemate. Now there is a Rangemaster Nexus 90, so consumers with simpler needs or smaller kitchens can now benefit from the attractive appearance and cooking prowess of the Nexus.

Rangemaster Nexus 90

At £1795* the Rangemaster Nexus 90 makes a great design statement at a very reasonable price

Superior Specification

The 90cm wide Rangemaster Nexus benefits from the brand’s “Deluxe” specification so the impressively large main oven is multifunction, with both fanned and conventional oven elements plus a grill element - very versatile. Stay-clean liners and a swing-out Handyrack are also included. The electric grill cavity above features a new and extra deep grill tray (for improved height adjustment), which glides out on telescopic runners. A tall fanned oven on the right is great for batch baking or, using the plate rack included, just for plate warming. The gas hob features five burners, including a 3.5kW wok burner, with sit-on cast iron pan supports with a matt enamel finish. The Nexus 90 is available in Stainless Steel, Gloss Black, White or Slate.

Rangemaster Nexus 90 Details

Beautifully Detailed Tactility

With its hi-fi style control knobs in beautifully finished turned aluminium with a lovely rubber o-ring grip, and satin-finished door handles with chrome detailing, the Nexus seems to invite the hand to touch it. The controls are reminiscent of an old-style combination safe, and maybe one expects to feel and hear that wonderful mechanical clicking as the knob spins round on fine bearings, but in the absence of that the gentle hiss of gas and ticking of the ignition seems to satisfy. The Rangemaster branding has also been changed from the usual small badge to the more automotive chrome lettering spaced along the plinth - another Mercury reference which works rather well to set the Nexus apart.

It is possibly true to say that the net result of these cosmetic touches is that Nexus may have a slightly more masculine appeal than other Rangemaster models, but also true that it is just a highly desirable range cooker which will fit beautifully into any cleanly designed modern kitchen. The compact and stylish Nexus 90 should be a very worthwhile addition to the Rangemaster line-up.

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*Prices correct as of October 2014