10 Must Try Christmas Desserts

There’s always room for more food at Christmas. Let’s face it, most of us prepare more than one festive dessert and we’ll always make room for second helpings, even after the main meal.

To celebrate the season of indulgence and cakey goodness, Rangecookers.co.uk has selected its 10 favourite festive desserts, ranging from the traditional to the fun, for you to try this year.


1. Bûche de Noël

Paul Hollywood’s Bûche de Noël is a tasty hybrid of a Yule Log and Swiss Roll, with a cheeky tipple thrown in, to make this a great grown-up dessert.

2. Christmas Macaroons

For a lighter, post-meal treat, why not try some bite-sized, orange-flavoured Christmas Macaroons?

3. Snowman Cupcakes

Character-based treats like these Snowman Cupcakes will appeal to young guests more than any trifle or torte – you can even get the youngsters to help make them the night before!

4. Classic Christmas Cake

A traditional Christmas cake is always a winner. Why not try Delia Smith’s Classic Christmas Cake, which is a combination of her mum and gran’s recipe, with a few clever tweaks from the good lady herself?

5. Festive Gingerbread House

Another recipe that will delight kids and grown-ups alike, a festive gingerbread house taps into the magic and wonder of Christmas, plus it tastes great too.

6. Sherry Trifle

Another tasty Christmas classic, which will go down a treat at any dinner table, is the traditional Sherry Trifle. We like Anthony Worrall Thompson’s version…hic!

7. Mulled Berry Snowflake Tart

Pretty, seasonal and absolutely delicious, a Mulled Berry Snowflake Tart is a lighter alternative to a Christmas pudding or fruitcake, give it a whirl!

8. Clementine Cake

Zingy, refreshing and festive, we love Rachel Allen’s Clementine Cake. If you don’t have clementines in, try mandarins or satsumas.

9. Chestnut Rum Chocolate Vacherin

Chocolate? Rum? Chestnuts? Meringue? Desserts don’t come more rich and indulgent than a Chestnut Rum Chocolate Vacherin, a simple yet impressive-looking sweet treat.

10. Christmas Bombe

Fancy something decadent and special for Christmas dessert? We recommend Gordon Ramsey’s Christmas Bombe.

If you try one of these recipes or have your own favourites to recommend, why not share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?