The Britannia 110 - A Capable and Confident Pedigree Performer

People who invest in a Britannia range cooker are usually serious cooks looking for a serious cooker, and one with some extra cosmetic and cooking finesse. Britannia meets this need by offering an impressive range of products each of which is built to look and feel like the only cooker you will ever need. Nowhere is this more true than on their Britannia 110 models, which are a popular choice here in the UK.

Range cookers in the UK essentially evolved from the idea of two 55cm standard cookers joined together, and this peculiarly British 110cm gap is now what many people have in their kitchen, and 110cm is what they consider a proper range should be. Britannia’s elegant solution to the 110cm design brief utilises the same oven size and layout used on their XG 100 models, with 5cm side panels making up the difference and giving the 110 a confident stance. It has every right to feel confident, too, because this 110cm Britannia is bristling with features designed to make every cook’s life very much easier, and it exudes the kind of quality designed to instil confidence every time it is used.

Britannia Delphi and Fleet 110

Two Styles, One Impressive Performance

Available in two styles, the contemporary Delphi and the more traditional Fleet, both share the same underlying features, and both are available in either dual fuel or electric induction formats. The only difference is that the Delphi also features a meat probe in the main oven, allowing you to control the cooking of roasts to perfection by governing the cooking period according to the target temperature inside the meat rather than by time alone - a nice touch only usually found on some integrated ovens. The Fleet’s more traditional style is achieved using arched oven windows, nicely detailed finial-ends and rounded bosses on the handles, and a more rounded control knob design. The cream, black and burgundy colours are also rendered in a pleasing matt finish rather than the Delphi’s slightly more glamorous gloss.

Britannia Fleet Detail

The Britannia Fleet 110 introduces some nice detailing which adds a touch of traditional elegance

Hob Specifications

Dual fuel models (
*) feature six high quality brass-ringed gas burners mounted into a single-pressing stainless steel hotplate with dual spill-zones. At the front there are two dual ring wok burners which can be controlled from 0.48kW simmer for stir frying to 5kW for rapid boiling. One large 3kW burner and three 1.75kW medium burners complete the set. Each burner has its own cast iron pan support, and the centre two can be replaced by the optional Chef Top - a solid stainless steel teppanyaki-style griddle which is a superbly useful addition much loved by Britannia users. If you prefer the ease and cleanability of a ceramic surface you can instead go for the induction model (
*), which features five of the very latest generation induction zones to give you all the power and instant control you could need, together with pan and boil-dry detection, an auto heat-up function and child safety locks. Civilised, clean and a breeze to use, induction gives you the benefits of gas cooking with the added advantages of impressive speed, heat efficiency and the ability to wipe down the surface safely even when you get a spill, as the glass surface gets only moderately hot.

Britannia Delphi Detail

The Britannia Delphi 110 is crisp and precise in its detailing, and a restrained contemporary fit for any modern kitchen

Superb Ovens and Separate Grill

Solid metal control knobs are a reminder that this is no ordinary cooker, and lead you down to the oven doors, which are triple-glazed and pull down with satisfying weightiness on high quality hinges. The door and inner glass are removable for cleaning, and the triple-glazing ensures very energy efficient and remarkably quiet performance from the oven cavities. This Britannia 110 format benefits from their XG (extra grill) layout, so this separate cavity offers a powerful variable electric grill with a glide-out grill tray, and there are grills in each of the two main ovens. Below the grill is a 9-function 52 litre programmable oven which includes Britannia’s Quickstart feature, allowing you to get the oven to temperature remarkably quickly. The 42 litre top right oven is 4-function and non-fanned, and features a rotisserie for succulent and clean cooking of game and poultry. Both ovens feature stay-clean liners and particularly thick and robust shelves, with telescopic runners for the grill tray in the left oven (additional runners are available for both ovens). There is a soft-close storage drawer on the bottom right for storing your pan supports, griddles or other bits and pieces.

Britannia Hob Detail

With a choice high quality gas or induction hob, the Britannia 110 is an exemplary cooker and a great investment for serious cooks

The overall package is certainly impressive, and it is clear that the Britannia 110 has been designed to cook brilliantly whilst offering a user experience second to none. A Britannia badge in your kitchen is undoubtedly an aspirational touch, of course, and if you have a 110cm space awaiting a range cooker then this premium offering from one of the UK’s most highly regarded brands should be high on your list.

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*Prices correct as of February 2014