A Tour of Lacanche Country - An Introduction

Join us as we embark on a tour of the wonderful towns of Burgundy - a region with an amazingly rich food and wine culture over many centuries, and an appropriate home to the factory and community which produces Lacanche range cookers.

If you are familiar with the Lacanche brand, you will know that it has its home in the heart of the Burgundy countryside. Should you be fortunate enough to visit the region - and be as unashamedly intimate with the brand as we at Rangecookers.co.uk are - you may begin to recognise many of the village and town names as those used to identify the many ranges in the extensive Lacanche collection.

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To celebrate this happy situation we thought it would be fun to embark on a virtual tour of this amazingly beautiful, historic and gastronomically bountiful corner of France by way of regular blog articles highlighting the features of both the place and the cooker which has adopted its name. If you were looking for inspiration for a driving tour of France for the summer, this certainly seems to fit the bill, and you can guarantee it will be a treat for all the senses.

Lacanche Tour Map

Burgundy provides a stunning back-drop for Lacanche ranges, which present a good excuse for exploring the region

We will be completing our tour over the next few weeks, and updating the links below as we go.

Tour list:


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