Steel Cucine's Cost-cutting Enfasi Range - Premium Cooking at a Lower Price

As a lesser known name in the UK, the premium Italian brand Steel is somewhat up against it. This is a pity, as their superbly designed and made range cookers are a secret well worth knowing if you are in the market for a serious cooking appliance.

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Steel Cucine - An Artisan Outlook

Steel has actually been around since 1922, and is now a third generation family-run business. Their very modern but modestly sized factory in Carpi, northern Italy, is a happy sort of place which turns high-grade stainless steel and well-considered components into the sort of cookers and other kitchen equipment that passionate cooks dream about. If you like you can have your whole kitchen furnished with their stunning modular furniture, designed to match the stylish lines of their range cookers, hoods and refrigerators. You will need deep pockets, of course, but the end result will be the envy of all who see it. If your pockets are not as deep as your desire for one of their lovely ranges then there is some good news in the form of some new products designed to make this world renowned brand a little more accessible.


Steel Enfasi 90


Steel Enfasi 100

are premium range cookers built with the same passion and the same exemplary materials that Steel have always employed, but, as on its more heritage-looking stablemate the Steel Oxford, some clever re-thinking has removed some of the production costs without compromising on the cooking features, meaning that you will be paying less than 75% of the price of the flagship Genesi models, representing an average saving of

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Quality counts, and the Enfasi has it in spades. The touch control timer is so simple to use and breeze to clean.

Same Quality, Less Cost

Steel have achieved this impressive feat by simplifying the construction, so rather than a hotplate and control panels fabricated from one seamless sheet of steel they have used a more conventional sit-on hotplate, and rather than triple-glazed glass doors the Enfasi series has double-glazed, whilst still being A-rated for energy efficiency. You still get a rotisserie feature, but the telescopic runners are replaced by standard shelves. On dual fuel Enfasi 90 (E9F-6) and Enfasi 100 (E10F-6) models the six burner configuration includes one double ring wok burner as opposed to two. If you prefer you can choose the all-electric Enfasi 90 Induction (E9F-6I) or Enfasi 100 Induction (E10F-6I) which feature a five zone induction hob and will deliver all the cooking power and control you could wish for, without the cleaning pitfalls of a gas hob. Below, the glide-out storage drawer has been changed to a storage compartment with a drop-down flap door. All oven functions and sizes remain the same, giving you a host of alternatives to straightforward fanned cooking for perfect results to those special dishes or lazy pizzas.

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Optional extras include a very nice griddle plate. A cast iron wok support is supplied. The Enfasi also gives you a useful storage area.

One nice addition to the control panel of the Enfasi is a simple to use touch-control timer, so no more cleaning around those confusing little buttons. The main control knobs are solid metal, of course, and the control panel is stainless steel on all variants, but if you prefer a bit of contrast you can choose to have the doors finished in a lovely Anthracite grey.

Steel Enfasi models

Still Need Convincing?

So why should you invest what is still a considerable amount of money in a simplified Steel Enfasi range cooker? Quality and pedigree will always shine through, and if you are a serious cook you will appreciate the focus and integrity of what is one of the very best brands coming out of Italy. From a distance these may look like a generic stainless steel cooker, but they have been made by a company which adheres to impressively high standards, and once you get up close and personal with an Enfasi range you will quickly appreciate the difference and relish getting down to the business of producing some amazing food on a globally recognised cooking platform. Steel has been established in the UK for a good few years now, and their 2 year parts and labour warranty is supported by an experienced distributor and a network of excellent engineers.

We think the Steel Enfasi is a great package for the discerning buyer and we really like its straightforward good looks, which are underpinned by the obvious quality of construction and materials. This cost-saving cooker collection is still something special, and thanks to the engineering prowess of the Steel Cucine team you can be the owner of a Steel range cooker without completely breaking the budget. The cooker is the centre-piece of any kitchen and if you do take cooking seriously having a range you can rely on to perform time after time is essential, and the Steel brand is one to be very proud of.

*Prices correct as of March 2017