Britannia 2013 Collection - Delphi and Fleet Ranges

Britannia's announcement of a brand new product collection, with a completely revised platform and updated aesthetics, may have taken a few people by surprise, but there is no need to worry, as this slick new line-up is still very much steeped in Britannia quality. Brought up to date, and with a model to suit every need, Britannia's "Taste is Everything" motto is in no danger of compromise, as you will see as we take a closer look at their superb new collection.

Consisting of four product families - two top-end and two entry-level - in this blog post we shall look at the Britannia Delphi and Fleet, the two top-end ranges, priced from

£2795 to £4695

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Click here for an overview of the new entry-level Britannia Q Line and Wyre ranges, from

£1895 to £3395


Two Superb Styles, One Superb Spec

With its clean, crisp and glossy lines and impressive specification the Delphi could be seen as the flagship of Britannia's new line-up, with more traditional curves, softer details and elegant finials on the Fleet. Both are available in a choice of three colour finishes (gloss black, cream or red on Delphi, matt black, cream or burgundy on Fleet), plus stainless steel on the Delphi, and share the same specifications. 90cm single and twin, and 100cm twin models are accompanied by 100 and 110cm XG models, which feature a four cavity "extra grill" layout, and there is a 120cm model for those with a larger gap. The removable oven doors (with removable inner glass) are triple-glazed for energy efficient, quiet operation, and the drop-down hinges have been upgraded. Now as standard, oven cavities have self-clean liners on the sides and removable enamel roof trays, and one pair of telescopic shelves are also supplied as standard (also in grill cavity on XG models). The oven shelves are now made from impressively heavy-duty wire. As a thoughtful detail, storage drawers feature a soft close action. Control knobs and handles are all solid metal, and it is these which are the most immediate difference to the old Britannia models, but the new bolder styles work really well, and their reassuringly solid feel are a reminder that you are still cooking on something really special.

Britannia Delphi

The Britannia Delphi - stunning modern lines, solid build qulity and brilliant cooking power, in 90cm to 120cm formats

Ovens and Hobs

Main ovens are 9-function, and offer Britannia's excellent Quickstart pre-heat system, with 4-function second ovens which an additional rotisserie in 100cm and 90cm twin models. Another thoughtful addition (on Delphi only) is a meat probe for the main oven, which allows accurate management of meat dishes, and is something of a first for range cookers. On top, gas hobs feature one or two large dual burners, with and impressive heat range of 0.48 to 5kW - great for wok cooking. All burners feature brass gas rings. A revised Chef Top is available, which is still made from solid stainless steel, but is now 5mm thick rather than 8mm, giving the same performance qualities but now somewhat easier to handle. If you prefer, you can choose a five zone induction hob using the latest G5 technology and offering all the power, speed and responsiveness you could need, but the additional benefit of wipe-clean convenience.

Britannia Fleet Range

The Britannia Fleet - elegant and traditional, with three matt finishes and tastefully detailed metal controls and handles


For those who prefer it, a matching plinth kit is available to conceal the adjustable stainless steel legs, and there are extra tall legs available should you desire which elevate the cooker to 94.5cm high. A sit-on cast iron half flat, half ribbed griddle is also available, as well as extra telescopic shelf runners.

The Britannia Delphi is a stunning-looking range cooker which is exactly right for contemporary kitchen design and is sure to be a great success. For the traditional or classic kitchen, the Britannia Fleet will look beautiful and be a continual delight on the eye. Whichever suits you taste, you can be sure that the same Britannia quality that keen cooks have recognised and sought out over the years is still present, and your new Britannia range cooker will serve you and your family very well in the years to come.

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