Stoves and Belling Shimmer Splashbacks - A Touch of Sophistication

Glass splashbacks always add something special to a kitchen, but a new product line from GDHA, manufacturer of Belling and Stoves cookers, takes this a step further and offers customers a great-looking twist on normal glass - Shimmer Splashbacks.

Shimmer Splashbacks

Industrial Chic

As a brilliant alternative to stainless steel, these Shimmer Splashbacks give an enhanced metallic look which works brilliantly with a stainless steel cooker or hood and provides a rather special shimmering effect as you move past. The surface has a tiny grid-texture which looks jewel-like close up and refracts light to give the aforementioned shimmer - all the advantages of glass (the textured surface is still very easy to clean) plus a pleasant metallic look to work beautifully in a contemporary kitchen. The overall look is one of subtle industrial chic rather than glitzy cliché.

Made from 4mm toughened, low-iron glass, with a 2mm self-adhesive layer on the back, the new splashbacks stick securely to your wall. Rear-printed with a ceramic silver ink, this gives a pleasing depth of finish and adds to the metallic appearance. All edged are ground and bevelled for safety and extra visual tidiness.

The very discerning team was suitably impressed when we first saw one of these “in the flesh” in our showroom. We wanted to keep it for display, but within 24 hours a customer saw it and bought it! Another is on order.

Priced from £250 (August 2013), and a great option for any modern kitchen, you can order yours now…

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