Rangemaster's Handyrack - Safe, Convenient and, well, Very Handy

Range cookers offer some great advantages and features you may not find on a normal cooker, and one of them addresses the issue of safety and convenience when it comes to roasting and, more specifically, basting. The 69 litre main oven on every Rangemaster range cooker features something they call the Handyrack - a roasting tray cleverly mounted to the door.

Handyrack Rangemaster Elan

Safe and Convenient

The Handyrack consists of a height-adjustable wire frame and enamelled roasting tray, and is designed to allow you to tend to your roast with both hands free, rather than lifting it out to baste on top of the cooker or balance it on an extended shelf with one hand whilst basting with the other. When you do not need it, the Handyrack frame can be unclipped from the door, allowing you to utilise the shelf racks inside the oven. Additional shelves can be ordered from Rangemaster if you find you need more than the single one supplied.

Handyrack Excel 110

The Handyrack is standard on almost every Rangemaster range cooker, and just swings out safely when you open the oven door

Handyrack Rangemaster

Height-adjustable in two positions, or removable if you need the space for an extra shelf, the Handyrack is a very thoughtful feature

Rangemaster models come in 90cm, 100cm and 110cm widths, with the 69 litre main oven being standard on almost all models and styles, and the Handyrack is standard on all 69 litre conventional and 67 litre multifunction ovens. On the Toledo Freestyle and Elise SE models, which have no separate grill, it serves as a swing-out grill tray. The only exceptions are the FX models, which feature drop-down doors.

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