Rangecookers Select Range Series - We Review the Oven Performance

The Rangecookers Select series of range cookers has always been a firm favourite with our customers due to its great combination of smart looks, great quality and superb value, and to further endorse its credentials we thought we would see how evenly our live display

Select 100df

’s multifunction oven performed. The results were delicious, and impressively consistent throughout the oven cavity.

Rangecookers Select Range Series

From £995*, the Select series is a great buy on a sensible budget, with a superb balance of quality and value

Rock Cake Test

Our acid test when testing an oven is the traditional Rock Cake, and not just because we love eating them - they are quick and easy to put together and readily show up any inconsistency in oven temperature by a variance in colour. Using the fan setting on the Select 100’s multifunction oven control we pre-heated to 180°C and placed seven blobs of our dough onto each of our three pizza stone bases (perfect for crispy bases), which were positioned at the top, middle and bottom of the oven. Fifteen minutes later our studio was filled with the alluring smell of Rock Cakes, which were removed from the oven and studied. Not much studying was needed, though, as the results were impressively uniform, as you can see - something that even more expensive cookers sometimes struggle to achieve, and cheap cookers all too often fail to, with scorching typically towards the rear and top of the oven.

Bake Test Results

Our Rock Cakes had a brief but perfectly formed life, with great uniformity across the oven cavity

The results are a reassuring sign that the efforts Rangecookers have put into finding and working with the right manufacturers are well worthwhile, and that customers can be very confident that although they are getting great value, it is not at the expense of performance and quality.

Rangecookers Select 90df

- 90cm dual fuel in stainless steel - Click for full details

Rangecookers Select 90df

- 90cm dual fuel in black - Click for full details

Rangecookers Select 90ec

- 90cm electric ceramic in stainless steel - Click for full details

Rangecookers Select 100df

- 100cm dual fuel in stainless steel - Click for full details

Rangecookers Select Bake Test

The Select 90 and 100 series is a collection of cookers and accessories which aims to give consumers an attractive and affordable package carefully chosen by Rangecookers to give maximum value without compromising on quality. Whether a cooker, extractor hood or splashback, the results speak for themselves and you can be sure that these elegant appliances will please you and your budget very nicely.

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*Prices as of June 2013