Range Cooker Installation Services - the Ins and Outs!

When researching buying a range cooker, either for the first time or to replace an existing, there are many stages of the process to consider and questions you should ask yourself. Where to buy it from, who can offer me the best and most comprehensive advice, who will install it for me, what shall I do with my old one???

Rangemaster Room Set

Here at Rangecookers.co.uk we get asked these questions all the time and in most cases (where to buy is easy) there isn’t always one simple answer to everything. Our experience suggests that just a short conversation with one of our range cooker specialists will be enough to determine the best route to owning and installing your dream range cooker. With a huge number of brands and models to choose from, all with different styles, layouts and fuel types, deciding which one you should go for doesn’t have to a painful process. In fact, we think quite the opposite!

Different Fuel Formats, Different Needs

Installing any one of the three major fuel types of cookers that we sell, All Gas, Dual Fuel and All Electric will result in different advice given. Almost every customer we speak to will have their own unique situation, from maximum electrical capacity or minimum, a main gas supply into the property or LPG, or none at all. The space to fit the cooker into will of course vary, and there may be the question of changing or sticking with your existing fuel type. Not to mention that each and every customer has their own personal taste, which differs in so many ways!

Technical Considerations

Fuel choice really boils down to personal preference, but our sales statistics tell us that Dual Fuel cookers (Gas hob/Electric ovens) are still the most popular, followed by All Electric (with the rise of the Induction hob) and lastly All Gas (still hugely popular with the replacement market). Each fuel type has it’s own requirements when it comes to Installation, the below table shows for the most part and bar the odd exception what you will need in place. Since the introduction of Induction range cookers the performance of electric hob cooking has moved dramatically forward, bringing it up to a level that previously only gas hobs have been able to reach. Weather it be the easily cleanable, clean lines and controllability of an All Electric or the ever popular tactile cooking experience of gas that you choose, you can be sure that Rangecookers.co.uk will be right behind you every step of the way.

    All Gas   Dual Fuel   All Electric
    Gas Cooker   Dual Fuel Cooker   Electric Cooker
Electrical:   13amp Plug   32amp Hard Wired   45amp Hard Wired*

Standard 1/2" BSP fitting
15mm pipe


Standard 1/2" BSP fitting
15mm pipe

*Some manufacturers (Stoves & Belling) have actually engineered their Electric Induction range cookers to run on the lower 32amp hard-wired connection, which is great for people who have been up to now unable to upgrade their electrics but want to experience the many benefits of All Electric cookers.

General Installation Regulations

When installing a range cooker for the first time things are made quite a bit more straightforward, you just need to choose which fuel type is right for you and prepare the space ready for it to be installed. This can be done by a local engineer (Gas Safe Register engineer and/or an Electrician) or alternatively the preparation will be dealt with by the kitchen fitter themselves.

Positioning a Range Cooker

General guidance based on regulations. It is also necessary to anchor your cooker to the wall with an anti-tip chain.

Manufacturer Installation Services and Limitations

For customers replacing existing range cookers we have the additional services offered by the relevant manufacturers. Installation and Removal services are very popular and can be added at point of order to all range cookers where available from the Associated Appliances tab located under most products on the website. These are always limited to the cooker itself, and hoods are never part of the installation service.

Whilst these can be wonderfully convenient and often a preference for a lot of our customers it is worth noting that the manufacturers always offer more of what could be described as a connection service rather than a full installation. For example the Gas Safe regulations (formally Corgi) are constantly evolving and if replacing an old cooker that has been in-situ for a number of years, you may find that the services i.e. gas pipework and connections may be out of date thus requiring modernisation and adjustment before a new range cooker can be installed. The best way to explain is that any new Gas appliance being installed must conform to the gas regulations as they are when fitted, not when the previous cooker was connected.

This can easily be done by contacting a local engineer in your area to come and check what you have in place before going ahead with either their local installation in full or alternatively a connection done by the manufacturer. When installing any cooker that uses gas you can find a qualified local engineer by clicking the image below. The Gas Safe Register is the UK’s official accreditation of gas engineers.

Gas Safe Register

Don’t Assume it Will Be a Simple Swap!

Many of our customers quite understandably make the assumption that if replacing a particular fuel type of cooker like for like, then it will be a simple ‘’one in, one out’’ scenario. Whilst this quite often is the case we still highly recommend either speaking to us first or contacting a local engineer to discuss each eventuality. Worst case scenario is that if the manufacturers engineers arrive to deliver and install your cooker, only to find additional preparation is required that they cannot do, your installation may not go ahead on the day of delivery, and in some cases it may not work out at all.

What About the Old Cooker?

Another very popular service that we offer with almost all of the products we sell is Range Removal, this is where the delivery team take care of the removal of your old cooker from your property, and it is taken away and recycled responsibly. This is an extremely convenient service aimed at old appliances that are on their last legs or finally given up the ghost completely. Range cookers are almost always big, bulky and heavy appliances that can be a nuisance to get rid of. Even local councils now quite often charge for a recycling service and many require these appliances to be removed from your home before they will pick them up. As you can imagine this can range from very tricky to almost impossible.

Install and Remove Services

So for a small fee we advise that if your old cooker is of no use to you anymore, and has no re-sale value then this is a great way to make way for your shiny new range cooker. One important factor is that some manufacturers offer just the removal of your already disconnected cooker, whereas others may even be prepared to disconnect cookers from the gas and electric first,
provided your gas supply conforms to regulations
. The nature of the service will be made apparent at the point of order, and where available it can simply be added to your order as required.

The Rangecookers team is here to make life easier for you - with a range of different services available designed to make the experience of buying and installing your new range cooker as pleasurable as possible, feel free to contact the team on 01244 402975 for your free and comprehensive advice.

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