Optimise Your Range Cooker with some Quality Cookware!

So you’ve bought your beautiful range cooker and you’re thrilled with it – are you ready to branch out with some accessories and cookware? Quite often, once our customers have chosen their cooker, splashback and hood, they realise there are a number of quality accessories and items of cookware which can help optimise the cooking experience.

Check out this list of our top 5 extras!


Using a dry griddle plate effectively bakes food in its own juices rather than frying it in oil or fat, so it is a healthy and tasty way to cook. If you fancy that charred barbecue effect on your veggies, this item is exactly what you need. Pop it over two gas burners, get the temperature right and you’ll wonder how you coped without one!

Cast Iron Griddle

Stoves ribbed griddle supplied as standard on Sterling 1100DFT range cooker

A griddle is included with all Belling and Stoves ranges and with most Rangemaster models, but we also sell them individually for these and many other brands (CLICK HERE). Any good kitchenware shop should also have a good selection of universal griddles for gas or even induction hobs.

Wok ring

A great addition to any range if you enjoy wok cooking, a wok ring will not only support your wok but keep it centred over the burner, so even if you have a wok with a flat base you will feel the benefit of using a wok support. Sometimes supplied with your range, and sometimes an optional extra, a wok ring is definitely worth having around! CLICK HERE to see a selection.

Wok Ring

Bigblue wok support ring. Available Here

Pizza stone

The same goes for pizza stones – not just for connoisseurs of Italian fast food they are invaluable when it comes to improving the crispy-bottomness of any dough-based item, making them even more delicious. Don’t hesitate to pick one up for your range.

Pizza Stone

Bigblue pizza stone featured above in a Rangecookers Ethos 100. Available Here

Utensil rail

If you have an ordinary steel splashback, you can easily add some visual interest and functional storage by adding a utensil rail to it. They look great and are really handy for keeping all your accoutrements to hand. You can even pick up additional packs of utensil rail hooks if you need a few extra.

Utensil Rail

Bigblue utensil rail. Available Here

Roasting Trays

One of the last things we think about when buying a new range cooker can be, ‘will my trays fit in there …?’

Roasting Tray

Lacanche roasting tray

Of course all ranges come with a minimum of one baking tray, but if you’d like to treat yourself to some more (and ones that have been designed to fit your exact oven), get in touch with us here at the Rangecookers studio and we will point you in the right direction. Just call

01244 402975