Lacanche's Dual Oven - Simple, and Very Effective

Anyone interested in cooking will be aware of the historic Lacanche brand. One recent development for the prestigious French manufacturer was the inclusion of a new dual function oven across a variety of models. The dual function oven offers the advantage of being easily switchable from a conventional “Static” oven to a fanned “Convection” oven, which clearly makes it a very versatile general purpose oven, with the additional benefits of a powerful grill (for closed door fanned grilling) and a generous temperature range of 50-260°C.

The dual function oven is included as standard on the 90cm Bussy and Beaune ranges (with a choice of gas or static electric second oven), and as an option on a selection of other Lacanche ranges (see below). With typical Lacanche simplicity, the selection of the oven cooking mode is via a straightforward toggle switch. The dual oven is available in 65 litre and 69 litre capacities, depending of the choice of model.

Lacanche Dual Function Models

The dual function oven is featured across the very varied Lacanche model range

Static Setting

Using heating elements at the bottom of the cavity, this utilises natural convection and is great for traditional gastronomic cooking, and perfect for cooking a roast meal. You can cook the potatoes in the top, hottest part of the oven, the meat in the middle and the dessert at the bottom.

Convection Setting

The convection or fanned mode is ideal when you need to use the whole oven for one purpose, such as batch baking, as it distributes the heat evenly throughout the cavity. The fanned setting will also get the oven to temperature more quickly, and the more evenly distributed heat will also reduce the cooking time, or you can reduce the temperature accordingly. You can also employ the fan when grilling, and with the door closed this is a much cleaner way of grilling which reduces fat-spitting and the need to turn the food.

Owning any Lacanche range is a dream for anyone who appreciates pure quality, and the broadness of the Lacanche model range allows you to specify your ideal cooker by a selecting the right oven and hob variation to suit your cooking needs for the next 25 years. The addition of this dual function oven will delight the many accomplished cooks who aspire to put one of these impressive high-quality range cookers into their kitchen.

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