Lacanche Ranges - Beat the Summer Shutdown - Order Now!

Don’t be caught out - if you are considering ordering a Lacanche range cooker over the next couple of months remember that the factory closes for August, so things get very busy in the summer and there is a backlog in September.

If you are planning a new kitchen or just considering the purchase of a Lacanche range cooker (lucky you!) then you are probably already aware of the standard 8-10 week lead time for most models, especially those over 1 metre wide. What you may not have accounted for is the typically continental habit of an August factory closure while everyone goes on holiday at the same time - great for the workforce but not so great for summer kitchen make-overs. Due to the rush to get orders fulfilled prior to August the factory capacity is very stretched, and of course they will be playing catch-up afterwards.

If you miss the boat you may need to wait
12-14 weeks
for your lovely new cooker, so


A Lacanche is well worth the wait, obviously, but we strongly advise ordering early to avoid having a big gap in your kitchen just when you don’t need it! The UK distributor, Forneaux de France, tend to stock up a little on the 1 metre wide Macon and Cluny models in the more popular finishes, but the shrewd approach is obviously to get your order in now so that your range can be hand-built and dispatched in good time.