How Can I Convert to LPG?

There is a significant difference in pressure and burning characteristics between natural mains gas and bottled LPG, and it is ESSENTIAL that your cooker is configured correctly, or there may be dangerous consequences. In this blog article we take a look at the options open to you if you need to be on LPG.

If you already live in or are moving to an area without mains gas then the chances are that you will be obliged to use bottled gas for your cooking needs. The alternative is to consider an all electric cooker, but many people simply prefer cooking on gas or in remote areas may not have sufficient power available to reliably run an electric cooker.


Sometimes referred to as propane gas cookers or Calor gas cookers, the names for LPG, or Liquid Petroleum Gas, may vary but they all require a properly set-up installation in your kitchen, with copper pipes leading to a brass bayonet connector for the flexible hose leading to your gas cooker. The gas itself is generally supplied from a large tank or bottle outside the property, and there are regulations which govern the positioning of these which your installer will be aware of. Finding a qualified LPG installer is simple - just use the Gas Safe Register website (HERE) to identify a list of local engineers.

If you have everything set up, all you need is a lovely LPG gas range cooker to get cooking, and there are really two options - converting a dual fuel cooker to LPG, or buying a dedicated all gas cooker.

Classic 90 LPG Range Cooker

The Rangemaster Classic 90 is a great option for LPG, but may not suit those with more contemporary tastes

Converting Dual Fuel Cookers

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Dual fuel cookers feature gas hobs and electric ovens, and are by far the easiest option when it comes to converting a cooker to LPG or Calor gas. Almost ANY dual fuel cooker will be convertible to LPG, as it is simply a matter of changing the brass jets which provide the flame and sometimes altering a pressure setting on the cooker. Instructions are given in your cooker's user manual, but needless to say this would ideally be done by a qualified engineer on installation. A set of LPG jets may be supplied with the cooker, but often they are optional extras which you can order directly from the manufacturer, so if you are taking a dual fuel cooker from a natural gas area into one with LPG the good news is that you need only pay around £20 for a set of jets rather than having to buy a new cooker!

Note: A dual fuel cooker will typically require a 30Amp electrical supply, so you need to make sure you have this or can install one.

Converting a Natural Gas Cooker to LPG

The rule of thumb here is that you CANNOT convert a dedicated mains gas range cooker to LPG. The ovens are designed in such a way that this is not possible, so if you want an all LPG range cooker you will need to buy one which has been built specifically for LPG. With some smaller 60cm LPG cookers (e.g. some of those from Cannon) conversion may be possible, but it is pretty rare. Be very wary if someone is selling a gas cooker and claiming it can be converted, and always check with the manufacturer first.

Cannon LPG Cookers

The Cannon CH60GTCF Traditional, CH60GPCF and CH60GPXF Professional - great gas cookers which convert to LPG

Can I Buy an LPG Range Cooker?

The good news is that yes, you can still find LPG range cookers, but the bad news is that these are considerably thinner on the ground than they used to be and the choice is very limited. Ten years ago there was a better selection in the UK market, but the demand is felt to be insignificant enough for many brands to have ceased production in favour of faster moving formats. Frustrating for the many people who still want them, but a harsh reality of modern manufacturing.

The list below represents ALL the LPG range cookers currently available, the better of which are quite traditional in design. For those wanting a modern look with some good quality there is not much on offer, so either a dual fuel or an all electric range may be a better option. All of the models below require an electric supply for the ignition, clock and lighting, but will all run from a 13Amp socket (plugs fitted).


Rangemaster 110 LPG

Rangemaster 110 LPG

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This lidded 110cm Rangemaster format has been around for a while now, although these days it is only available in matt black and chrome, albeit with a choice of windowed or solid doors. With two large 69 litre gas ovens (lower one programmable) and a gas grill, plus a storage drawer, there is plenty of cooking capacity, and the styling is traditional but not overtly so. On the hob there are five gas burners and an electric warming zone, although the most powerful gas burner is only 3.0kW rather than the 3.5kW wok burner found on the Classic model below. Pan supports are cast iron with a matt enamel coating, and a cast iron griddle is also included. The glass lid includes a safety shut-off valve. The ovens also feature stay-clean catalytic liners, plus a swing-out removable Handyrack on the lower oven door.

Rangemaster Model Codes: 74300 & 74360


Rangemaster Classic 110 LPG

Rangemaster Classic 110 LPG

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Much more Aga-like in appearance, the 110cm Classic 110 is a perennial favourite which may not be to everybody's taste, but is a characterful statement very much at home in a traditional kitchen. The oven specs are the same as the Rangemaster 110 above, with two large 69 litre gas ovens (lower one programmable) and a gas grill, and the hob is laid out in the same way, but with a 3.5kW rapid or wok burner to help get things sizzling or boiling. A cast iron wok support and a griddle plate are supplied as standard. To the rear of the cast iron pan supports there is an arched upstand (removable), echoing the arched windows in the oven doors. A towel rail runs the full width of the cooker, which is available in an impressive six enamel finishes - Matt Black, Cream, Racing Green, Regal Blue, Cranberry or White - each with a choice of chrome of brass trim.

Rangemaster Model Codes: 74180, 74210, 74140, 74200, 74150, 78030, 74160, 78010, 84790, 84780, 74190, 80410


Rangemaster Classic 90 LPG

Rangemaster Classic 90 LPG

(currently £1620*) Click HERE for full details
The smaller sibling to the Classic 110, the 90cm Classic 90 has one large programmable gas oven and a gas grill, plus a fanned ELECTRIC tall oven on the right. A handy combination, particularly as it all still works from a 13Amp plug. On top there are five burners, with a 3.5kW rapid burner but no warming zone, and a cast iron wok support and a griddle plate are supplied as standard. The same finish options are available as on the Classic 110 above.

Rangemaster Model Codes: 74030, 74060, 73990, 74050, 74000, 78120, 74010, 78100, 85080, 85070, 74040, 80510, 74070


Belling Coutry Classic 100GT LPG

Belling Country Classic 100GT LPG

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Like all Belling ranges, the 100cm Country Classic is aimed at a family user with a more modest budget. With a traditional oven layout, the styling is fairly neutral-to-modern and the specification is great for the demands of the busy family. Two enamel-lined 42 litre gas ovens and a variable gas grill plus a storage compartment with flap door are supported by an eight burner gas hob with enamelled steel pan supports and two 3.0kW high burners but no 3.5kW wok burner. Though not programmable, there is a handy digital minute minder. Available in a silver painted finish, with black control panel and enamel hotplate, and chrome door handles.

Belling Model Code: 444440979


Baumatic BCG920SS

Baumatic BCG920SS LPG

The exception to the rule, this smart Baumatic range cooker comes configured for natural gas but with a full set of jets to convert the hob and ovens for LPG. A typical italian format, it features two gas ovens, each with an integrated ELECTRIC grill. The oven doors drop down rather than swing out (the norm for the British cookers above), and feature removable inner door glass for easy cleaning. The oven interiors are coated with wipe-clean enamel, and there is a storage compartment with flap door down below. A five burner gas hob features a triple ring 3,5kW wok burner in the centre, with cast iron pan supports with matt enamel finish. The Baumatic BCG920SS is a modern-looking range cooker which stands on adjustable cylindrical legs, and is a great option if you are looking for an all-LPG cooker for a more contemporary kitchen. OK, the only real option.


If you need an LPG gas cooker you may be in a minority, but as range experts we recognise that often this need is forced upon our customers by circumstance rather than choice. Hopefully one of the range cookers above will suit your needs - if not, then feel free to talk through the options with one of our friendly team members, on 01244 402975.

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