New Fisher & Paykel 90cm Range - A Sneak Preview

It seems that Fisher and Paykel will be launching a new range cooker later this year, and as it features in their new Premium Product brochure it looks like it will be a cut above their existing 90 and 120 Designer Series products.

The new 90cm range, as yet unnamed, uses a single multifunction oven cavity and has a five burner gas hob. Nothing unusual there, but the general construction and appearance are a big step up from Fisher and Paykel’s current range cookers, good as they are. Solid metal control knobs, crisp stainless steel detailing on the handle and louvred plinth, and black reflective glass all add up to a better-looking, better-feeling range cooker very deserving of its brand credentials. There is also likely to be an induction version of the new range. Both models should appeal to enthusiastic cooks looking for a quality range with a refined air.

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Range Cooker

Style and Innovation

Fisher and Paykel is a New Zealand-based company with an amazing resonance not only in the southern hemisphere but in Europe, where their reputation has been built on their excellent dishwasher drawer and refrigeration products. A certain restrained, rational style coupled with a highly innovative outlook makes their entire product range stand out as something a little different.

F&P’s range cookers are built in their highly-regarded Italian factory, and although this new range is likely to sell at a higher price than their existing cookers, we think the conspicuous improvements make it more in keeping with the brand’s values and customers will recognise the quality and be happy to pay a little more. The launch date is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to be around September 2013.

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