Falcon Ranges with Matt Pan Supports Only from January 2017

From 1 January 2017 Falcon customers with only be able to order their new range cookers with Matt cast iron pan supports, as the less popular Gloss enamel is being deleted from the product range.

Falcon Gloss Pan Supports

Defining Feature or a Choice Too Many?

Premium Aga-Rangemaster brand Falcon have always offered customers the choice of matt or gloss pan supports, but as part of a general rationalisation by the company’s new American owners it seems gloss is no longer an option. The simplification should not cause too much upset, but there will no doubt be some who would prefer the shinier finish. In practical terms there is not really much difference - some perceive the gloss as easier to clean - so it is really a cosmetic preference about which most buyers do not really have a strong opinion. It is a pity in a way, though, as this choice has been one of this great brand’s defining features, but times change and the company is clearly set on getting its house in order by reducing the number of production items or “SKU’s” on its books.

Falcon Pan Support Finish

Serious Cooking Platforms

Falcon ranges offer a robust, no-nonsense cooking platform to customers looking for something with a little more focus and power than the mid-market can offer. The handsome ranges feature non-windowed doors (mostly), heavy shelving and no clock/timer, and are often favoured by professional chefs or serious home cooks. Available in 90, 100 and 110cm widths in either dual fuel or all electric formats with powerful induction hobs, prices start at around £2400 and rise to around £3800. The Falcon look is one which works well in both traditional or contemporary kitchens, and is one which has stood the test of time as something of a statement in the home.

Order NOW to Secure Your Falcon Range

If you are someone who does prefer the gloss supports and have been working towards a Falcon range, you should act quickly and order before the deadline of 31 December 2016. Your Falcon range will be built to order and delivered in around four weeks by default, but you can delay this for a while if you need to. To discuss the details, call our expert team on 01244 402975.

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