Falcon Ranges Now Available in Slate Grey

Falcon have introduced a new colour to their selection of vitreous enamel finishes - Slate. Very current in interior design, this mid grey finish will look stunningly good in contemporary kitchen, and is a great compliment to cooler urban colours, as well as providing a great backdrop for vibrant colours.

Falcon 1000 in Slate

Slate grey - natural and neutral, but with a friendly warmth that works well with many complimentary finishes

The Falcon Palette

Available on Falcon 900S, 900 Deluxe, 1000 Deluxe, 1092 Deluxe and 1092 Continental ranges, Slate joins seven other finishes that make up the Falcon colour palette - Cream, Black, Ice White, China Blue, Cranberry and Cherry, plus stainless steel.

Falcon Colours

We think that a Falcon range in Slate will prove a very popular choice, and this natural shade of mid-grey can add warmth to the kitchen whilst remaining neutral and working brilliantly with other natural finishes like granite, stone and oak. A welcome addition to the impressive Falcon collection.

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