Belling vs Rangemaster - Models Compared: Classic 90 Dual Fuel

Looking for a traditional 90cm range cooker can be a little confusing if you do not know your way around the various brands and features available. In this article we take an objective look at two of the most popular British-made 90cm models, both of which offer nice quality, good value and very closely-matched features, albeit at different price-points.



The Belling Classic 90DFT adopts a more straightforward appearance with a flatter more modern facia than its more characterful rival. The oven layouts are the same on each model, but with key differences in sizes. The Rangemaster Classic 90 has an impressively large main (lower) oven at 69 litres, but a more narrow second (tall) oven which requires narrower than standard trays. The Belling Classic’s wider tall oven takes a standard tray but the main oven is consequently less wide and, due to its larger grill, less tall. All a bit “swings and roundabouts”, really, and your preference will depend on your needs, but they both add up to great cooking capacity in a compact package. Both offer five burner hobs with cast iron pan supports and similar power ratings. The Rangemaster comes in six colours, with a choice of chrome or brass trim, whilst there and three standard colours for the Belling, plus six Colour Boutique colours at a higher price.

Why the Price Difference?

Rangemaster is the undoubted market leader and a desirable brand - their Classic style has set the standard for mid-market traditional ranges and continues to be highly popular due to its very characterful appearance, which also contributes to its production costs and consequent higher price. The heavily-bevelled door pressings, Aga-like towel rail and temperature gauge, and the use of

vitreous enamel

on the doors rather than the Belling’s painted finish, all undoubtedly add value, as do self-clean catalytic liners and a useful Handyrack. Belling has always been about great family value and sensible prices, so the savings on offer in the plainer shape of their Classic 90DFT may make more sense for this kind of customer but may certainly give Rangemaster customers pause for thought in these harder times.

Both of these cookers are a great choice, and both feel reassuringly solid to use. The Belling certainly scores a point for value, and would cost you only £130 in accessories to achieve the same 12/17 score, but for those with deeper pockets the Rangemaster nudges ahead for overall features and a longer warranty.

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