Rangecookers.co.uk - Who Are We?

Customers often remark how pleasantly surprised they are that we are ‘real people’, and that they don’t have to deal with someone at an anonymous call centre. We do pride ourselves on the fact that whoever you speak to when you call us, they’ll be knowledgeable and fully able to help.


So, who are we?

Rangecookers.co.uk is based in a canal-side location in Chester, Cheshire, in a purpose-built range cooker display centre. We have a team of nine specialists based at our studio - a mixture of dedicated customer support experts who are usually the first people you will speak to when you call, through to a design team with a focus on website design and upkeep, and on new product development. We’re fortunate that everyone is passionate about both cooking and the products we offer - hopefully that comes across when you speak to us - so we quite often we get ‘hands on’ in the studio and road-test the cookers that we feature on the website (see our recent blog post about preparing a Christmas dinner), some of which have even been designed by us.

So, rest assured that when you call Rangecookers.co.uk you will be dealing with a real person with a real interest in all things cooking, and maybe even with the person who designed the cooker you need.