Rangecookers & Rangemaster - the hood debate

Choosing the right hood is just as important as choosing your dream range cooker. While the aroma of home cooking is delightful and cosy, any lingering smells can spoil the ambience of your kitchen. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a cooker hood for the efficient removal of grease, steam, and odour. This blog looks at the features of two of the most popular chimney cooker hood models on Rangecookers.co.uk: The Rangemaster hood and The Rangecookers Select hood.


The Rangecookers Select 100

Before you choose your hood, it is worth defining the ways in which the hood can work. There are two processes to choose from — recirculation or extraction — depending on where your cooker will be placed. For more information read Focus on Cooker Hoods which details the specifics of each process.


The Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 90

Cooker hoods have various settings to deal with different situations — from everyday use to those occasions when you have a lot of cooking to do. The Rangecookers Select hood has 3 extraction settings and copes equally well on its highest and lowest speeds. Cooker hood extraction rates affect noise levels, however a balance can be found between sufficient power and ambient sound. The Rangemaster 90 hood has a throughput of 460m3/h and noise level of 64db, whereas the Rangecookers Select 90 hood has an extraction rate of 750m3/h, with only a slightly increased noise level.


Rangecookers Select 90 hood in stainless steel with push button controls

Rangecookers Select hoods are designed to offer exceptional performance and extraction. The easy-to-use push buttons offer precision control of the powerful motor. This high-quality hood offers bright illumination of the cooking area and the added benefit of washable grease filters. It is available in two universal finishes — satin black or brushed stainless steel — and comes with two years warranty.


Rangecookers Select Hoods have 3 washable filters and bright lights to illuminate the cooking space

The Select Hood is an impressive wall mounted model which removes the excess heat, steam, and smoke from daily cooking. It has excellent capabilities from the lowest speed to the highest setting. The beauty of this hood is that it can come branded or unbranded — so it can be paired it with any range cooker.


The Select hood can come unbranded so it can be paired with any cooker

Now let's take a look at the Rangemaster choice. Aspirational but not over-expensive, Rangemaster is known for quality, style and great features.


The Rangemaster Hood has 3 speeds, 2 lamps and aluminium filters

An ideal partner for your Rangemaster oven and hob, Rangemaster hoods come in satin black, stainless steel, cream or cranberry. You can pair a Rangemaster hood with any cooker — however the branding will not match.


The Colours range features Cream and Cranberry options with chrome detailing

Three-speed Rangemaster hoods come with a choice of a chrome or brass badge, and include two 40W lamps for a clear view of your cooking. The aluminium grease filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher and the chimney section is extendable to suit your ceiling height.


Venting to the outside is the preferred installation method for a cooker hood — however this is not always possible for kitchens without access to an outside wall. In this case, recirculation is an efficient substitute and makes use of charcoal filters to purify the air. For cookers using extraction, a ducting kit is required and can be purchased at the same time of your hood.


Rangecookers Extraction Ducting Kit

For kitchens using the recirculation method, a carbon filter kit will be required, which allows you to filter and re-circulate air into the room. Charcoal Filters provide second-stage filtering of cooking odours and steam, allowing your Chimney Hood to re-circulate clean air. It is recommended that these are changed periodically, depending on the frequency of use.


Chimney recirculation kit using carbon filters

The Rangecookers Select Hood beats the equivalent Rangemaster model on price and extraction throughput, with both kinds having similar noise levels. Rangecookers Select hoods have the added benefit of being branded or unbranded, so a Rangecookers Select hood will suit any kitchen and can be paired with any range cooker. For more information call one of our experienced team on 01244 402 975.