ILVE's New "E3" Technology - Control Precision up to 300°C !

The prestigious Italian range cooker brand ILVE have announced an exciting new feature which will become standard on all of their Roma, Milano and Roma SD models from June 2015, in addition to some of their stunning built-in ovens.

ILVE E3 Precision Technology

What Does E3 Do?

The new “E3” precision temperature control system combines a directional rotary control with the existing digital display to show the desired oven temperature in 5 degree increments, rather than relying on printed digits on the dial. Even better, the new models will be capable of oven temperatures from 30°C to 300°C - fifty degrees hotter than their current models, and indeed those of any of their competitors. The higher temperature is great news for pizza lovers and the gastronomically-minded, and the more exact adjustment will be very welcome to home bakers, where accuracy can make all the difference when it comes to bake quality. It should also mean more efficient self-cleaning in combination with the catalytic oven linings featured as standard in ILVE ovens.

The new digital temperature feature is unique to ILVE ranges currently, but is something many owners of high-end built-in ovens will be familiar with. All other ranges rely on printed dials, which will often have a margin of error of plus-or-minus 15° or so, so the new E3 system is definitely a feather in ILVE’s cap.

ILVE Roma and Milano Models

About ILVE

Based just outside Venice, ILVE have been building superb cooking appliances for over 35 years, and the quality of their products is much admired the world over. Attractive and solidly built to high standards, ILVE pride themselves on their passionate approach to design and manufacture, and their product catalogue is famously comprehensive in terms both of the styles and formats on offer. Range cookers in 70, 90, 100, 120 and 150cm widths, with matching hoods and accessories, and fabulous built-in ovens and hobs in 60, 70, 80 and even 90cm widths are available - all sharing that solid and authentic look and feels that makes ILVE on of the most desirable cooking brands on the market.

The new E3 models will be available to order in mid- to late June 2015 from, with deliveries towards the end of July. An ILVE range cooker was always a worthwhile investment, but this excellent new feature makes them even more worthy of your attention should you be in the market for a scene-stealing new cooker. Prices vary from around £2200 to £8400* - call our team on 01244 402975 for further details.

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*Price correct as of June 2015