Designing a Bespoke Range Cooker

Individuality is important to the team here at Each of us and indeed our customers are like wonderfully unique snowflakes, each with their own quirks, style preferences and personal needs. That's why we love the bespoke and customisation optima offered by some of our favourite brands, including Britannia, Lacanche and ILVE.

Last year home improvement research hub, Trend Monitor, predicted that personalised designs, colour matching services or individual customisations would be 'the future of luxury'.

Well, we think it's the future, even if you haven't got a luxury shopper's bank balance. In fact, in the last 12 months, we've seen a marked increase in sales of customised cookers, from customers with budgets from large to more modest. After all, what better investment than creating something that makes your kitchen, the heart of you home, uniquely yours?

Personalise Your Kitchen

Make a statement with your Britannia range and find the perfect colour match, or even turn your cooker in to a piece of art. That's what we did for one customer who used the Britannia Colourange service to pay homage to the abstract expressionist artist, Jackson Pollock.


Herself an architect, our customer was able to fine tune the design, adding more purple spaces on the fascia and more red on the doors until it was exactly as she wanted: a cooker as unique as her creative vision.

This fantastic service allows you to be inspired by anything, the exact colour of your new blinds, a favourite outfit, or even an image. The only limit is your own imagination.

The Britannia Colourange service costs £895 inc VAT & delivery. It can be used on any Britannia range cooker (excluding the hood or splashback).

If you're struggling to find the perfect shade, ILVE can create a cooker in any colour from the RAL system. Much like Pantone, RAL provides myriad shades and hues so you can find the perfect match for your home.


Sample of RAL Classic colours. See the full range at the Official RAL Website
The ILVE colour match service costs £795, applied to any Roma or Milano model.

If it is function, over form, which you want to adapt to your personal needs, then Lacanche may be a perfect choice. Lacanche provides the option to select your oven configuration and hob layout on premium products, as well as matching enamel colour to any sample you provide. With a bespoke Lacanche, you can add your own unique style and practical flare to your cooking, professionally or personally.


Browse the full range of Lacanche cookers. Prices start at £3150.

Our resident graphic designer interviewed the team to find out a few of their favourite things. With Britannia's Colourange service in mind, a unique cooker was designed for each member of the team which expresses their individuality and personal style.

The starting point for Fin's elegant design is a quote from Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie 'The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it'.


Kaety likes to watch the sky at night and her cooker shows a galaxy scape featuring Pleiades.


Anna has a flair for baking and chose colours and imagery which reflect her passion for her kitchen creations.


Mike's love of golf was the inspiration for his cooker which features the golf range at Hov, Sweden. This has to be the coolest golf course in the world where you play below the Aurora Borealis.


John-Paul's range cooker is a tribute to his favourite beverage and came up with this quirky design.


Carl's feline companion became the muse for his adorable range cooker.


Customisable range cookers are becoming more popular and we predict this trend is here to stay. When a kitchen is designed to be unique reflection of your personal taste and style, it makes sense to also customise the appliance at the very heart of the kitchen. If you are looking for a cooker that is as unique as you are, then contact one of the team at on 01244 402 975 to discuss your needs and your ideal cooker.


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