World Meat Free Day

World Meat Free Day (15th June) aims to raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat for a healthier, balanced diet that’s also better for our planet and fairer for our food systems too.

So why not go cold turkey (see what we did there?) for a day and swap your meat for something a little different…

Veggie food is often considered to be a little dull, but with a little know-how it can be both delicious and nutritious! Here at, we’ve made going meat free easy, by compiling our top five vegetarian takes on classic dishes using great meat alternatives from Tofu and Quorn, to polenta and even fruit, which is sure to make the transition for carnivores a little easier! Top 5 vegetarian takes on classic meat dishes:


Bourbon Mango Pulled Summer Squash Sandwiches
This “BBQ” summer sandwich uses fruit instead of pulled pork.


Cauldron's West Country pie with Lincolnshire Sausage
This recipe uses the great tastes of the West Country, combining cider and cheddar cheese with leeks, mustard and vegetarian sausages for a hearty and satisfying supper.


Beet Bourguignon
Replace the beef and bacon with beets and mushrooms to create a spin on this classic French, wine-oozing hot pot.


Vegetarian Pho (Pho Chay)
One of the hardest parts of eating vegetarian is avoiding beef and chicken broth. The solution? Make your own pho using delicious edamame beans and tons of veggie stock.


Vegetable Polenta Lasagne
Along with a classic spag bol, lasagne is often a dish that meat eaters miss, but with delicious this polenta version there will be no problem.

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