What is a Multifunction Oven? Rangemaster explain...

Many range cookers feature a multifunction oven, but many people are not fully aware of the benefits these offer. Rangemaster is the UK’s number one range cooker brand, and they have helpfully put together some great video animations explaining how a multifunction oven works.

How does a Multifunction Oven Work?

A Quick Overview

(approx 1 minute)

Why Do I Need a Multifunction Oven?

Multifunction ovens may seem over-complicated at first glance, but although you may seldom use some of the functions you will find them very useful when the occasion does arise, making a real difference to your cooking. Typically, selecting the fanned function (or Rapid Response function as featured on Rangemasters) is ideal to get the oven to temperature quickly and for general cooking, but on occasion (e.g. for a roast dinner) switching to conventional elements gives you a traditional graduated heat which is useful and will not dry out your meat. Switching to top element only will allow you to brown the top of a gratin, for example, without leaving it in longer than advisable, and for pastry dishes using the bottom element only or with the fan gives better results.

A More Detailed Look

(approx 7 mins)

Rangemaster Multifunction Ranges

Rangemaster include multifunction ovens on the upper echelon of their product range, so the Classic Deluxe, Professional Deluxe, Elan, Excel, Elise and Elite SE product families.

Other brands may include a multifunction oven as standard, including the well-priced Stoves collection, and prestige brands like Falcon, Mercury and Britannia. Our own Rangecookers Select and Ethos collections and continental brands like Smeg, Bertazzoni and Rosières also include multifunction ovens as standard.

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