Smeg Range Cookers - Iconic and Enduring

When it comes to brand caché, there is do doubt that Smeg has it in abundance. Most people will instantly conjour an image to mind of a sleek stainless steel cooker or a retro-style fridge, which is as accurate a picture now as it was back in the 1980’s when Smeg made such an impact, timed perfectly for the burgeoning fitted kitchen market. The Italian company has continued to evolve, but Smeg is still very much a design-led, clean-cut and aspirational brand with much to offer the UK consumer who, it seems, cannot get enough of its rather desirable cooking appliances.

With a broad product range stretching from beautifully detailed built-in ovens and hobs through stunning range cookers, hoods and dishwashers, to fabulously retro fridges and even gas fires, the appeal of the Smeg brand is its uncompromising attention to detail when it comes to design. With wonderful finesse and desirability on the outside, and great features and engineering on the inside it is easy to see why this Italian brand excels. Not chic for chic’s sake, the successful formula is essentially based around funtionality, but the desire to achieve this elegantly gets every Smeg product where it needs to be - an instant classic built on straightforward yet delightfully considered design.

The Smeg Range Collection

The Smeg range cooker collection

has three branches - the entry-level Smeg Concert range, the enhanced Symphony range, and the iconic Smeg Opera range. A new Smeg 110cm range cooker, with a separate grill compartment and UK-friendly width - is ideal for slotting directly into British kitchens. Initially available in Symphony guise, an exciting new style is also available, the wonderful Victoria, which offers a rather more characterful approach, with softer features and traditional colours.

Smeg Concert Ranges

The Smeg Concert product range is a simpler, more straightforward introduction to the Smeg brand, with prices starting at around £900 rather than around £1400 for the Opera collection. With no side cheek panels, Concert ranges are mounted on adjustable cylindrical legs, which can be hidden by an optional plinth if desired. The hotplate has a rounded edge and the auto timer display is digital rather than analogue, and controls and handles are slimmer and simpler. With 60cm, 80cm and 90cm widths available, the specs include 4, 6 and 7 function main ovens with a variety of gas and ceramic hobs, and there is even a 10 function 60cm pyrolytic model, the Concert SUK61PX8. Single cavity 90cm models (SUK91MFX7 and ceramic SUK91CMX7) are popular, but the dual cavity SUK92MX8 gives you a little more flexibility, and is also available in black (SUK92MBL8) and cream (SUK92MP8). Two dual oven electric model, the SUK92CMX8 and black SUK92CMBL8 feature five zone ceramic hobs.

Smeg Concert & Opera

Smeg Concert and Opera ranges have become perennial favourites with UK consumers

Smeg Symphony Ranges

With almost the same look as Concert (apart from squarer edges on the hob), Smeg Symphony cookers feature enhanced specifications, with increased oven functionality and even pyrolitic ovens and induction hobs. The dual oven 60cm SY62MX8 is a real mini-range performer, or there is an all electric model with single pyrolitic oven, the SY6CPX8. The most popular SY92PX8 is a great dual cavity 90cm option with 10 function pyrolytic oven, or there is the SY92IPX8 if you need a ceramic model. The 110cm flagship, the Smeg Symphony SY4110-8 is excellent, with a traditional British oven layout and separate grill, together with two mutifunction ovens.

Smeg Opera - An Enduring Classic

It is the Opera range which resonates most with consumers, and with its side-slabs, clean and crisp detailing and distinctive analogue LED clock it is instantly recognisable. Minimalist and very functional metal controls, elegantly cast pan supports and an embossed Smeg logo all lend an air of quiet efficiency to the outside, whilst energy-efficient and triple-glazed multifunction ovens hum away and offer you an impressive array of functions for whatever gastronomic challege you have in mind. Pyrolitic ovens are rare indeed on range cookers, but the 90cm Smeg A1PYID-7 and two 100cm models - the Smeg A2PY-8 and A2PYID-8 - feature this must-have cleaning functionality, along with quadrupal-glazed doors. The ever-popular Smeg A2-8 features stay-clean liners as a lower-cost option.

Smeg Symphony & Victoria

Smeg 110cm range - Smeg Symphony SY4110BL-8 (also in st/steel as SY4110-8) and the Smeg Victoria TR4110 are a big hit in the UK

Should you have a little more room available, there are two 120cm Opera ranges, the Smeg Opera A3-7, with a cavernous 70 litre multifunction main oven and smaller conventional oven, and the Smeg A4-8, with a symmetrical door split and more evenly-matched multifunction ovens, which is also available in Gloss Black (A4BL-8). For the real enthusiast, the 150cm Smeg Opera A5-8 is an amazing cooking platform offering 70 litre and 60 litre multifunction ovens, and a superb hob with seven gas burners and an electric griddle.

Smeg A3-7 & A4-8

The Smeg A3-7 and A4-8 are both 120cm range cookers, but with different oven sizes. There is even a 150cm A5-8 is you have room!

Whichever Smeg range cooker you choose for your kitchen you will notice an immediate injection of cooking competence and style. Smeg ranges seem to have a particular sparkle all their own, particularly if matched with a Smeg hood and splashback, and as centre-pieces go you know you are joining a long list of happy people who accept a continuous flow of admiring comments from jealous admirers.

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