The Smeg A2 Opera - A Timeless Performance

For many people, Smeg is the brand they think of when the term "range cooker" is used. The image they conjure up is one synonymous with the modern home, and one likely to be based on a particular model - the Smeg A2 Opera. This stylish 100cm cooker has changed a little since it took the market by storm back in the 1980's, but it is still essentially the same, and has evolved into something of a cultural icon.

Who Are Smeg?

The Smeg brand possesses something of a mystique in the UK market, with many thinking of it as a German or Scandinavian brand imbued as it is with the uncompromising manufacturing qualities we associate with factories in those regions. In fact, Smeg is very much an Italian brand - a family-owned concern like so many others in Italy, and Smeg products are built in a state-of-the-art factory in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, by the latest generation of the famous Bertazzoni family which founded the company in 1948. Smeg actually stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, or the "Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works", a throwback to the early days when pretty much all household appliances were enamelled and white.

The Smeg A2 Opera

Smeg now build their cookers mostly in stainless steel, in 90, 100, 120 and 150cm widths, using the musical terms Concert, Opera and Symphony to define their product series. The style-conscious Opera is undoubtedly the most aspirational of these, and the A2 the most popular model, as its well-proportioned two-oven layout is small enough to suit many kitchens and offers good flexibility and cooking capacity. The Opera's clean and elegant styling is what has made it such an enduring success, with delicate metal controls, simple linear door design and a rather lovely LED analogue clock display.

Smeg A2 Opera

The Smeg A2 Opera family - currently priced from around £1800 to £2900 on (May 2013)

Smeg A2-8

The dual fuel Smeg A2-8 (the "8" indicating the current product generation) is the staple model, with two multifunction electric ovens and a rotisserie in the non-fanned auxiliary oven. Triple-glazed, removable doors are hinged at the bottom and both ovens offer A-rated energy ratings, with catalytic stay clean liners. A full-width storage drawer below provides ample room for trays and accessories, and on top there is a beautiful eight burner gas hob with two ultra-rapid 4.2kW wok burners and heavy-duty cast iron pan supports. Ignition is automatic (i.e. you hold the control in to operate), and there is a kit included to convert to LPG if needed. A stunning black model, the Smeg A2BL-8, is also available.

Smeg A2PY-8 with Pyro Oven

Many people are opting for the upgrade to the Smeg A2PY-8, which offers the same cooking spec but gives you a quadruple-glazed door and a pyrolytic cleaning system in the main oven, which allows you to run a super-high temperature cycle (which also locks the door) and bring your oven up like new every time! Pyrolytic cleaning is pretty rare on range cookers, and costs little to run, so for a few pounds more you can enjoy the undoubted benefits of this simple yet clever cleaning system. The auxiliary oven features the standard catalytic liners, which keep the oven clean by absorbing and dealing with greasy deposits. The A2PY-8 is available in stainless steel only.

Smeg A2PYID-8 with Pyro Oven and Induction Hob

If you want the very latest in cooking technology, then perhaps the Smeg A2PYID-8 is your perfect solution. With the same pyrolytic spec as the A2PY-8, the A2PYID-8 features a fabulous five-zone induction hob, which gives you all the power and responsiveness you need, but with the added benefit of an easy-clean vitreo-ceramic surface to just wipe over. Induction uses electro-magnetic energy to induce heat directly into a suitable pan (one with steel or iron content), and is quicker to bring to the boil than gas, with added advantages like pan detection and auto safety cut-out. The glass surface does not get hot (only warm from heat reflected from the pan), so it is safe and civilised to use, and any spills do not cake onto the hob and can be safely wiped up straight away. An increasingly popular model, the Smeg A2PYID-8 gives you the Smeg look with the all convenience of modern induction technology. You will need a high amperage electrical supply (total load is 14.7kW) so check that you can accommodate this before ordering.

Smeg Opera Details


As well as the matching Smeg KD100X-2 hood and KIT1A2-6 splashback, there is a beautiful range of accessories for your Smeg cooker, from telescopic oven shelves, plate warming racks and pizza stones (a must-have) to cast iron griddles and stainless steel teppan yaki plates.

Retro Fridge and Appliances - Save £30!

It is also worth considering adding Smeg’s other cultural icon to your order - their famous Smeg “Fab” 50’s retro fridge (e.g. the FAB30 model in the image below). Funky and functional and in a choice of formats and fabulous colours from pastels to candy-stripes, the Retro fridge is a brilliant way to bring some panache into your life. If you order with your Smeg cooker you will
save £30
on the price, as you will on any other Smeg appliance!

Smeg Roomset in Pastel Green

The Smeg A2 Opera with hood and splashback, with complementary appliances in Pastel Green - simply fabulous!

Putting a Smeg cooker in your kitchen is still something of a design statement, as well as a signal that you take cooking seriously. The Smeg Opera A2 has earned its place in the range cooker hall of fame, and is a truly iconic addition to any modern home. To order yours, or find out more...

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