Six Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Range Cooker

Here at we know that buying a range cooker is a significant investment, and it can be a daunting task to pick the right one to suit your needs and budget. Whether you're buying your first range or upgrading, finding a range to fit a specific space, or completely re-fitting your kitchen, there are hundreds of options to navigate. The following SIX questions will help you discover which range will be right for you…

1. What Is My Budget?

Once you know this, you can easily identify which options are in your price bracket. Whether you are looking for an entry-level model costing between £600 to £1000, a mid-range model from Stoves or Rangemaster at around £1000 to £2000 or a high-end range from ILVE, Britannia or Falcon costing £2500 or above, we will have a cooker to suit your needs. You can get a good quality range at a very reasonable price — so call one of our experienced team for an objective opinion.

Consider whether you also need to budget for a cooker hood. We often have great promotions where you can take advantage of a half-price, or even free, cooker hood. And remember, if you would like to purchase a saver pack when it appears on the site, you can always delay delivery until you are ready!

Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses, but remember to factor installation costs in to your budget — some manufacturers will offer this at the time of delivery.

2. What Is My Style?

Range cookers generally fall into two broad styles, traditional or contemporary, and deciding which aesthetic style best suits your kitchen is a great starting point. Traditional range cookers tend to feature lustrous enamel, bakers-oven style arched windows and sturdy iron pan supports which compliment country and farmhouse style kitchens - think the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe, for example, or the Elan. Contemporary ranges offer a sleek aesthetic and combine clean architectural lines with high gloss enamel or deep stainless finishes - the ILVE Roma or Britannia Delphi are good examples of modern, almost utilitarian styling. Some models will work in either setting, and are a clever way of achieving a balanced look.


The Rangemaster Elan collection proves a very popular choice for traditional kitchens

3. Which Size Cooker Do I Require?

To help answer this question, consider the space you have available in your kitchen for your new range cooker, how many people you cook for, and which kind of food you will be cooking. Typical nominal range cooker sizes are 90 cm, 100 cm, and 110 cm and we also sell a number of Mini Range Cookers in narrower sizes of 55 cm and 60 cm, and at the other end of the scale we have wider cookers, ranging from 120 cm to 250 cm.

Some 90 cm ranges pack in a surprising amount of cooking capacity, more than adequate for day-to-day, and enough to cope with the occasional extended family event. If every day is a family event, or you simply have the space to fill, there are plenty of larger ranges from 110 am to 250 cm.

Did you know..? The nominal width refers to the space that the cooker will fit into, rather than the actual cooker size. The cooker is usually slightly narrower to facilitate ease of fitting.

4. Which Fuel Type Do I Need?

Range cookers are available as all gas, all electric or dual fuel models.

Natural Gas models are powered by mains gas, and a select number of models are available to run off bottled LPG Gas.

All Electric cookers combine electric ovens with either radiant ceramic or induction hobs. Induction hobs are increasing in popularity as they are an energy efficient option, and safe to use as they are only activate when in contact with magnetic-friendly cookware. Induction hobs are more energy efficient compared to radiant ceramic, and are incredibly easy to clean!

Dual Fuel cookers combine the best of both worlds, having the power and versatility of an electric oven, and the power and controllability of gas burners.

Two factors impact fuel choice. The first is the availability of mains power. Some rural areas are without a mains gas supply and therefore will require Electric or LPG cookers. This will not be an issue, as almost all dual fuel ranges will convert to run LPG. Similarly, some kitchens will not have the required electrical supply for dual fuel or electric ranges, so will necessitate all gas models.

Secondly, your personal cooking style will influence your choice of fuel. Traditionally skilled cooks tend to prefer cooking with gas, however electric ovens suit everyday household cooking offering great versatility and efficiency.


Induction hobs offer safety, efficiency and the responsiveness of traditional gas burners

5. What Will I Be Cooking On My Range?

Range cookers offer various cooking features depending on the brand and model. Some are certainly worth paying extra for, such as multifunction ovens, which offer a greater level of versatility than conventional ovens as they allow you to select the method of cooking to suit the dish being cooked. Other features are nice to have if the model you like happens to come with them, such as telescopic shelves or a warming drawer, for example. Oven layout is another consideration - do you prefer the symmetrical, Italian style layout or the more British configuration with a separate grill cavity? When choosing your range it's also worth considering if you really will use the features offered, as more features usually equate to a higher overall cost.

6. What will this range cooker look AND feel like?

Our selection of cookers can be viewed online, however if you get a chance to visit our showroom in Chester, we display over thirty range cookers from thirteen premium brands. Pop down to our canalside studio and compare the solidity and build quality offered by different manufacturers, and get to grips with the features of various models on display. If you can't make it to the showroom, you can make use our comprehensive website features such as the Lacanche Colour and Trim Visualiser, and we can always send you swatch samples if you're unsure of exact colours.


Our studio in canalside Chester showcases over thirty models from premium manufacturers

Choosing a range cooker can be a formidable process, with plenty to consider and myriad options. Don't forget we are at hand five days a week, from 8.30am until 5pm — so contact us on 01244 402 975, and we'll use our expertise and extensive product knowledge to help you find the perfect range cooker to suit your requirements.