Rosières Bocuse Prodige RCP12 Causes a Stir

The recent, long-anticipated launch of the Rosières Bocuse Prodige RCP12 range cooker certainly hit the ground running, with a flood of orders from customers familiar with the existing platform and eager to replace their existing cooker with one of these modern and extremely capable ranges.

Rosieres Bocuse Controls

Powerful friends - the Rosières Bocuse Prodige RCP12 has earned the respect of one of the world’s most talented chefs

What’s All the Fuss About?

The appeal of the Rosières Bocuse has always been rooted in its utter authenticity and cordon-bleu credentials. The endorsement by Paul Bocuse is not to be taken lightly, and the Bocuse range has always possessed sufficient power, versatility and prestige to live up to the reputation of this famous figure, one of the finest chefs of the last century. The Bocuse RBC 127 was the first modern domestic range cooker, after all, and the broad variety of brands and models we see today can be traced back to this single source.

Rosieres Bocuse Features

The specification remains unchanged - an endorsement of the platform’s unquestionable credentials

Well-proven Specification

The specification of the new model is unchanged. Inside, the Prodige offers a powerful multifunction oven on the left, which includes a grill and rotisserie, and this cavity also gives you a pyrolytic cleaning function, which will bring the oven up like new even after the most challenging period of gastronomic heroics. On the right there is a conventional electric oven and grill, with a catalytic lining to help keep this oven clean. On top, serious cooks will love the four burner gas hob on the right, but the real focal point is in the form of a multi zone hob on the left, which features a 4.5kW burner which can be used as a normal burner or adapted to suit your needs - as a professional-style coup-de-feu cooktop, a wok burner or a ribbed griddle area.

Rosieres Bocuse Main Oven

The main oven features fanned, conventional and grill functions, as well as a removable rotisserie and pyrolytic cleaning technology

The New Look

The Rosières Prodige RCP12 brings the Bocuse platform up to date, with clean and simple lines but enough subtle detail to retain a certain French elegance, with a touch of gallic eccentricity. A single window aperture bridges both oven doors, and we think the radius in one corner is a nice idiosyncratic touch. The flattened bow of the steel door handles works well, matched with the straightforward geometry of metal control knobs, and it is nice to see the crescent-shaped recesses on the twin storage drawers have been retained from the older design, the Rosières Bocuse RBC 127, which is still available to those who prefer the traditional look.

If you have been looking for a show-stopping range cooker which establishes your identity as someone who takes cooking seriously, you will not find a better candidate than the Rosières Bocuse Prodige. Available in Stainless Steel or the particularly handsome and evidently very popular Black, the launch price of £2690 still seems very reasonable for what is already well on the way to becoming an established classic.

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