Rangemaster Professional Plus 100 FX Deleted from January 2017

Rangemaster’s Professional series is the most successful in their stable, but it seems there is one anomaly that does not fit. The continental-style Professional Plus 100 FX model is due to go at the end of 2016, but probably will not be missed.

Professional Plus 100 FX
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A Neat Modern Range

Along with other Rangemaster models of a similar structure, the 100 FX is being sacrificed at the alter of production streamlining which dictates that the more marginal products do not really make sense, so this peculiarly foreign format is on the way out at the end of December 2016. The Professional Plus 100 FX is the only Rangemaster to feature drop-down oven doors rather than the side-hinged doors preferred by UK customers. It is a smart-looking cooker, though, with two A-rated ovens and a long storage drawer, and its more linear design is a great match for modern kitchens. If you like it, order NOW to secure one - you can always delay delivery for a while if preferred, but orders will normally take around 4 weeks to build and deliver.

Professional Plus 100 FX

Some Alternative Suggestions

If you like the general look of the 100 FX but have missed the opportunity to get one, you may wish to consider the following ranges at similar price-point. There are plenty more alternatives on Rangecookers.co.uk, so take a browse or call our friendly and expert team on 01244 402975 to be guided through the options.

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Rangecookers Select 100 Rangemaster Professioanl Plus 100 Britannia Q Line 100 Twin