Rangemaster Hi-Lite 90 - New Images

We announced the arrival of the Rangemaster Hi-Lite range in our recent blog feature (click here), and Aga-Rangemaster have now released some new room-set images which show the Rangemaster Hi-Lite 90 to great effect.

The new dual fuel Rangemaster Hi-Lite 90 and Hi-Lite 110 share a smart, elegantly straightforward appearance which is an excellent match for both modern and traditional kitchens, and allows the defining feature of the controllable back-lit facia panel displaying the control graphics to shine through to great effect. The gas hotplate is also a new feature - a single-piece enamelled steel pressing with inset pan supports in gloss black.

Rangemaster Hi-Lite in Cranberry

Cranberry has a warmth which customers really love, and which works well with the Hi-Lite’s crisp contemporary lines

Hi-Lite 90 Colours

Rangemaster Hi-Lite in Ice White

White is increasingly popular for its modernity and impact, and the Hi-Lite 90 in Ice White looks very smart alongside richer hues

Priced from £1595 (as of September 2013), the Rangemaster Hi-Lite 90 and Hi-Lite 110 are a great addition to the extensive Rangemaster collection, and should prove highly popular with this proud British brand’s loyal followers.

click_here_buttonto see more about the Hi-Lite 90, or HERE for the Hi-Lite 110