Range Cooker Brands - Where to Start? A Helpful Overview

When faced with buying a new range cooker it can be somewhat baffling getting to grips with the wide variety on offer. We like to think our website is a great place to get an overview, but knowing where to start can be made easier by understanding where all the various brands sit in the marketplace.

Brand Positioning

We have laid out the table below as a way of mapping out all of the range cooker brands as a broad spectrum. Most of the action takes place, as you might expect, in the mid-market between £1000 and £2000. Of these, the two main players are Rangemaster and Stoves. Clearly Rangemaster hold sway in this area, with a vast product range spanning the full width of the upper-mid sector and down into the lower-mid. Stoves, with a much smaller but very impressive range offering, do not stretch quite as high in terms of price, but their Sterling and Richmond ranges compete very strongly against their numerous Rangemaster rivals.





Ambassade Bertazzoni Professional Series Britannia Falcon Lacanche Mercury
  Rangecookers Ethos Series Redfyre Smeg Steel Westahl  




Bertazzoni Master Series Rangemaster Rosieres Smeg Stoves  




Cannon Caple Fishe and Paykel Rangecookers Select Series Rangemaster Stoves




Baumatic Belling Hotpoint Leisure    



  Hoover Indesit New World      

Brand Manufacturing Groups

Some manufacturers manage to stretch their product line-up across multiple sectors, but typically use different brands to achieve this. Aga-Rangemaster produce Rangemaster, Falcon, Mercury ranges side-by-side in the same factory, building these models to different levels of quality and specification and selling at different price-points (at the mid-to-premium end) accordingly. Britannia Living do the same with the Britannia and Bertazzoni brands. Similarly, GDHA use New World, Belling and Stoves to bridge the entry-level to mid sectors, as do Indesit. It is unusual to see a brand with a foot in two camps, but Rangecookers manage to do this with their Select series ranges at the lower end and the Rangecookers Ethos series at the prestige end. Similarly, Bertazzoni do this with their Master and Professional series across the upper-mid and prestige areas, as do Smeg to a lesser extent.

Aga Rangemaster

Falcon United Kingdom Mercury United Kingdom Rangemaster United Kingdom Redfyre Ireland

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances

    Stoves United Kingdom Belling United Kingdom New World United Kingdom


    Cannon Italy Hotpoint Italy Indesit Italy

Britannia Living

        Britannia Italy Bertazzoni Master Series Italy


    Lacanche France Westahl France Ambassade France


Baumatic Italy Caple Italy Fishe and Paykel Italy Hoover Italy
Leisure Turkey Rangecookers Select Series Italy Rosieres France Smeg Italy
            Steel Italy
Ireland France Italy Turkey United Kingdom
Eire France Italy Turkey United Kingdom

Where are Range Cookers Made?

It is interesting to see where range cookers are actually made. A surprising number come from Italy, a country with a thriving manufacturing industry and a great reputation for engineering excellence. France is similarly renowned, and in Turkey Beko, who own and build Leisure ranges, are the part of the country’s largest industrial group. Most importantly, though, it is great to see that when it comes to cookers the UK is still very much alive, with Aga Rangemaster and Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (an Irish-owned company, in fact) building thousands of cookers and ovens per year for the domestic and, increasingly, export markets. Redfyre are part of the Aga-Rangemaster group, but these appealingly modern-yet-traditional ranges are built in Ireland at the foundry which also produces their more famous Aga and Rayburn cousins. Nothing from China yet (amongst these brands, at least), but it is probably only a matter of time before the cost advantages become too tempting for one of the mainstream manufacturers.

Hopefully a useful overview if you are starting to look for a new range cooker, but the Rangecookers.co.uk website or a chat with the team is a great next step to objectively identify your needs and your ideal cooker - just call us on 01244 402975 and we will be delighted to help!

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