New Website Launch!

Exciting times here at as we launch a shiny new version of our retail website.


Our previous much loved website platform served us very well indeed but an upgrade was long overdue. On our new website everything looks and feels much better, and importantly the content is now fully responsive so the increasingly vital mobile and tablet formats now look superb. Over the last few years we have spend many many hours designing the new site to retain its position as the best in the business without losing its essential character. Familiar yet completely different, we hope you like it!

  • Up to date site architecture for faster page-loading times
  • Pleasing and intuitive user experience
  • Fresher, broader, brighter look
  • New Recently Viewed and Compare toolbar on desktop format
  • Fully responsive for amazing mobile and tablet presentation
  • Optimised for better search engine results and online visibility
  • More on-page space to communicate product info
  • Improved visibility of promotions
  • Top-notch checkout experience
  • New blog format for 2020

High Visibility

Many things have changed and evolved since we launched the trusty previous website, not least the search engines which dictate the standards we all work to if we want our websites to be displayed favourably in the search results. We have always fared well in this regard, due to the strongly relevant nature of our content and a lot of hard work behind the scenes, but the new website now ticks all the boxes for Google and should remain firmly in their favour.


Leading the Way for 20 Years

As designers our website has always been such an important showcase for the attention to detail that we try to lavish on everything we do. From the outset back in the simple times of 1999 we have ensured all cooker images conform to the same scale, that colours and details are accurately and richly represented and that product information is easy to find and up-to-date. We hope our obsessive design values still shine through, and the bespoke nature of the new site is designed to maximise the clarity of the products and the ease of navigation to ensure our customers find and purchase their ideal range cooker with pleasure and confidence. Feedback from customers has always been very positive, and we know that the website has become something of a reference point for both manufacturers and competitors - a clear and useful resource with a focus solely on the range cooker market. This was all something of a pioneering approach back in the day and we are proud to have led the way to where we find ourselves now, in a much more mature and sophisticated online environment - one in which our new website should feel very much at home.


As an online range cooker specialist with a hard-earned reputation for quality of service we know this all has to start with our website - the window into our rather obsessive soul. In launching our 2019 site we are not only shoring up our position as the UK’s leading specialist but we are setting our sights firmly on the future. We hope to see you there.