Lacanche Price Increase on 1 January!

Although the recent price promotion on certain Lacanche models ended on 30 November you can still make a saving on all Lacanche ranges by ordering before
1 January 2014
, as this is when a manufacturer’s price increase will come into effect.

As a prestige manufacturer which builds superb products Lacanche range cookers command high prices, of course, so the prospect of a price rise of 5%, say, will add £200 to a £4000 price tag at the low end of the scale, and although this may not worry many Lacanche customers too much there are plenty who would rather spend this on something else. The details of the imminent prices changes have yet to be announced, but we would expect something of this order across the product range, although the rate may vary from model to model.

Lacanche and Westahl

Lacanche and Westahl share the same formats, but offer cooking enthusiasts different styles

Westahl Ranges a Bargain at 2013 Prices

Lacanche’s more contemporary sibling Westahl is long overdue a price-rise, so we are expecting to see more significant changes on this superb brand in January 2014. With formats identical to the more characterful Lacanche, Westahl cookers employ a more restrained modern aesthetic with a different colour palette to amazing effect, but the brand is very little known in the UK and has not been a priority for the Lacanche factory in recent times. If you are not familiar with Westahl, take a look HERE.

The Lacanche price increases are of course down to the increasing costs of raw materials, transportation and currency exchange. These will always be changing factors for any manufacturer, but as long as the Lacanche factory continues to produce these beautifully engineered, robust and highly desirable range cookers their dedicated customers will continue to buy them. Quality is still as good an investment as it has always been.

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