Lacanche Gas Ovens Re-engineered to be UK Baking-friendly

Lacanche have launched revised gas ovens which are much better suited to UK cooking habits.

Lacanche ranges are famous the world over for their extraordinary performance, their great looks and the amazing variety of choice available when it comes to format, size and colour. High performance gas ovens have been an option for many years, but up to now these have been a little too much for UK cooks, built as they were for general gastronomy rather than the subtleties of baking. Lacanche have been aware of this for some time, and have been busy re-engineering their gas oven to provide a greater range of control. A new thermostat gives home chefs a temperature range of 100 degrees at gas mark 1 to 260 degrees at gas mark 10 - hot enough for some amazing roasting power, but flexible enough to bake wonderfully at the lower end of the scale.

Lacanche Gas Oven

New Gas Models

This is an exciting development for fans of the prestigious French brand, and means that the Lacanche team in the UK have a renewed confidence in recommending the gas oven options to UK cooks. Previously approached with caution, the new scone-friendly gas ovens have now been re-introduced into the collection as double gas ovens formats on models such as the popular 100cm Cluny, the Charlieu, Chalonnais and Flavigny. Alternatively, you may like to specify your Lacanche as dual fuel, with one electric oven and one gas. Call our knowledgeable team on

01244 402975

to talk through the options.

Cooking with gas is still much preferred by many cooks for its moister cooking environment, which can produce better results when it comes to bread, cakes and other baked items. It depends what you are used to, of course, and there are many who get on just fine with a fanned electric oven. For the die-hard gas lovers, though, it is great to see this iconic French brand responding seriously to a long-standing need for a gas oven which can still pack a punch when called upon but is kind to our cakes and pastries. The new gas oven will be supplied as standard from January 2016.

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