A Lacanche in Red? Now you can Choose from Two Shades!

Up to now the prestigious French brand Lacanche have offered their amazing product range in a Burgundy Red very appropriate to the product’s roots, which are deep in the countryside of that lush region of France. The good news is that lovers of red can now choose an alternative, brighter shade in the form of Cherry Red - still a lovely warm colour, but distinctly less moody than Burgundy, and another welcome addition to Lacanche's impressive palette of 23 finishes.

Red range cookers are undoubtedly an attractive option to the more popular black or cream ranges which still dominate the UK market alongside stainless steel. Red cookers are the most popular alternative finish, and people enjoy the warmth and homeliness that they bring into the home, whether as a deep ruby hue, perhaps with brass details, or a brighter letterbox red with sparkling chrome.

Lacanche Cluny in Cherry or Burgundy

Beauty Not Just Skin Deep

Lacanche have the great advantage of owning their own enamelling plant, located in Switzerland, so can indulge in their love of colour more than most manufacturers. Colour is one of the defining qualities of the Lacanche product range, which is very much a robust commercial product under the skin and, in combination with a choice of four different solid metal trim finishes, allows customers to specify their perfect range cooker which will not only perform impeccably but will keep looking very beautiful for many years to come.

Subtle Yet Distinct

Burgundy and Cherry may not be as far apart in the red spectrum as they might be, but the experts at Lacanche have ensured that although the difference is subtle it is distinct enough to make each of these two shades work really successfully in its own right. Burgundy is a rich and comforting deep red which will nestle beautifully into a kitchen full of traditional timber, stone and natural finishes, and provide a great backdrop for brass or chrome trim. Cherry possesses sufficient warmth to do the same, but with a little more punch to make it work well in a more modern setting if desired, perhaps with chrome or brushed stainless steel trim.

Cherry & Burgundy Trims

Just our opinion, of course. The beauty of Lacanche is the ability to match a cooker to your own personal tastes, and the addition of Cherry Red makes that experience a little more stimulating to fortunate potential owners of these exceptional range cookers.

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