Lacanche Add Copper and Brushed Chrome Trims

Lacanche have introduced two new trim finishes into their already impressive range. The new Brushed Chrome and Copper finishes mean that lucky owners of these iconic range cookers have a choice of six metal finishes to compliment the choice of 25 high lustre enamel colours on offer in this premium French manufacturer’s Classic collection.

About Lacanche

Lacanche build range cookers in an amazing variety of sizes and specs - a real chef’s delight and every home cook’s dream come true. From the popular 70cm, 90cm or 100cm models through to 140cm, 150cm or even 220cm models with an impressive choice of hob options and oven specs to ensure you get the cooker perfectly suited to your cooking needs. Available in two styles, the famous traditional style with a very French look, or the more understated Moderne collection, there will certainly be a Lacanche range to suit your tastes and desires.

Lacanche 6 classic trims


Copper is very in-vogue at the moment, with style magazines featuring aspirational kitchens with copper cookware and detailing, so it is pretty shrewd and timely of Lacanche to offer this finish to their customers eager to specify the cooker of their dreams. Great as a contrast to Black or Anthracite, or perhaps with neutral colours like Frangipane and lighter hues like Mist Grey or Ivory - tastes will vary, but Copper allows owners to indulge their ideas and achieve some spectacular results.

Lacanche Copper Trim

A 140cm Lacanche Chablis looking very handsome in Black with Copper trim

Brushed Chrome

Brushed Chrome gives those who prefer more a contemporary look the potential to go for something with a flatter finish which will look superb with Mist Grey, or any of the more muted pastel colours like Teal Blue, Lime Green or Rose Quartz. There is already a Brushed Stainless Steel in the range, with has a brighter appearance, but the visual cues of Brushed Chrome are more akin to that of an anodised aluminium, and this juxtaposes with the inherent traditional appeal of Lacanche to achieve a more funky and playful look.

Lacanche Brushed Chrome Trim

A 100cm Lacanche Macon in Mist Grey with Brushed Chrome controls and handle detail - tradition with a contemporary twist

Still too traditional? Try Moderne

If the very French look is a bit much but you love the amazing quality and sheer cookability of the Lacanche brand, then a Lacanche Moderne could be perfect for you. The same build underneath, but a simpler aesthetic with chunky controls in a choice of Chrome or brushed Stainless Steel to complement the prolific but slightly different range of colours on offer. Moderne is a very focused alternative which alludes more to Lacanche’s professional roots, and creates a stunning impression in the kitchen.

Lacanche 2 Moderne Trims

Lacanche Macon Moderne in Plum with Brushed Trim

A 100cm Lacanche Macon Moderne Induction in Plum, with brushed Stainless Steel trim

It is great to see Lacanche playing to their own strengths and offering consumers even more choice. Lacanche customers tend to know what they like, and they or their interior designers can indulge themselves in the most prolific selection of colours and trims available. Need to see more? Visit our showroom in Chester to see a full selection of colour swatches and trims, or order colour swatch panels via our website HERE. If you need some advice on colour and trim our experienced team is on hand on 01244 402975, and will be delighted to chat through the options.

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