ILVE Milano Range Cookers with Antique Bronze Trim

Elegant and highly competent, the ILVE Milano series offers you a beautifully detailed range cooker across a wide choice of formats. To complement the eight colours you have a choice of trim to suit your style - Chrome for that crisp modern edge, Brass for traditional warmth, and now there is Antique Bronze for understated rustic charm.


Elegance and Sophistication

The heritage styling of the Milano makes it a top choice for many looking for a premium range cooker with character to suit a traditional or classically-styled kitchen. Arched, baker’s oven-style windows, warm traditional colours and nicely considered finial detailing do a great job of projecting the right feel without over-doing the country-kitchen look, and the result is a stunning addition to any home. The inclusion of Antique Bronze demonstrates how well premium Italian manufacturer ILVE (pronounced il-vay) understands the needs of their target customer, allowing them more flexibility in deciding the finishes which define their traditional home and celebrating the rich heritage of Italian cooking. Antique Bronze brings a rich and tactile quality to the kitchen and has become widely available as an option when it comes to cabinetry handles and knobs, so you can achieve a cohesive and long-lasting look.

ILVE Range Cookers - Italian Heritage, Global reputation

Sturdy, versatile and refined, ILVE range cookers are globally renowned and used by enthusiastic home chefs who love the quality and features on offer. Quick-start multifunction ovens with electronic temperature control up to 300°C, top quality gas burners and hob options to suit your cooking style, with simmer plates, solid stainless steel fry-tops, barbecue grills and deep fat fryers, as well as great accessories like steamer and Bain Marie kits. Culinary excellence is the aim, and ILVE’s factory near Venice is dedicated to providing cooking appliances which make this possible.


Matching Built-in Ovens

In addition to Milano range cookers there is the Milano built-in series, an equally appealing collection including impressive and unusually accommodating 90cm built-in ovens with matching hobs. The same choice of colour and trim is available, allowing you to extend your cooking capacity in a flexible way either above or below the worktop.

Traditional kitchens can look wonderful, and getting the detail right is what it is all about, so the added option of Antique Bronze to the ILVE collection is great to see. Pricing is slightly higher, in line with the higher manufacturing cost, but when the bigger picture is as good as this it has got to be worth digging a little deeper. For further information use the link below, or call our expert team on 01244 402975 and we will talk you through the ILVE range.