ESSE Range Cookers - Character, Heritage & Integrity Now Online

This week we welcomed a historic brand to our website, and to our showroom - ESSE. These stunning range cookers have been keeping British homes warm and well fed for generations, and we are proud and delighted to be able to offer them to our customers.

It is always exciting to add a new range to our carefully chosen collection at our studio here in Chester, but we were particularly keen to see this one, and it did not disappoint. The


comes in a beautiful array of colours, but we chose to have it in a rather lovely Lavender; a gorgeous and elegant shade which contrasts nicely with the thick chromium plating of the detailing and the black enamel hob area. This is a very heavy cooker; it is made from cast iron after all, but we were able to slide it from its delivery pallet onto our display stand and manoeuvre it into pride of place opposite our main entrance, from where it can welcome visitors with open lids. Important to note, perhaps, that your floor clearly needs to be up to the job but most will be, without the need for reinforcement. ESSE will deliver and position your range, plug it in (it simply requires two conveniently positioned 13 amp sockets) and demonstrate its functions for you.


Popular Choice



is the brand’s most popular model. All electric, it has two conventional ovens, a slow-cook oven and on top beneath the lovely lids are two circular cooking areas; a cast iron plate for multiple pans or direct griddling, and on the left an induction zone for rapid boiling, more pans or whatever you need. The ovens are deep, and the top one includes a capacious and heavily enamelled roasting dish. This oven can be moisture-controlled by simply removing or replacing a small vent panel at the rear of the hob, so you can have a moist oven for baking or a dry one for crisping up your roasties. All controls are discretely behind the door on the top left, and the slow cook oven is automatically on when one of the main ovens is in use, so is useful as a warming area too, ultimately getting to about 80°C. The ovens utilise ESSE’s patented heat surround technology to give you remarkably even temperatures and rapid heat-up times and these benefits are a reminder that this is a thoroughly modern range built for modern needs. For full details and more images see HERE.


A Bit More Elbow Room?

If you love the idea of an ESSE but think you will need a bit more cooking capacity than the 990EL offers, there is also the


(full details HERE). This has larger square hob areas under easy-lift heat retaining lids with nicely designed drop hinges, but the principle is the same - a heated cooking area on the right (stainless steel), and a three zone induction area on the left, with touch controls on its surface. The ovens are identical to the 990EL. We have ordered one of these for our showroom too, so if you want to get a proper feel for these amazing ranges do get in touch or plan a visit to Chester (Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.00) and we will show you around them, and we will have a set of colour swatches to help make the choice easier!


Colours and Pricing

Part of ESSE’s traditional manufacturing capability is their ability to apply a lustrous finish to the castings, and they have a palette of 13 standard enamels, 5 Premium enamels, and a stunning Matt Black - a specialist high temperature paint finish. The costs for these processes vary, so the prices follow accordingly. The 990EL currently starts at
* for the painted model, then
* for the standard enamels and
* for the premium enamels. The 990ELX is around £255 more in each case. The opportunity that these colours represent for adding something very special to your home cannot be overstated, and we recommend you aim for something a little more eclectic than the traditional cream, black or white!


Clever, robust and reliable engineering forms the backbone to what ESSE do, turning strong traditional materials into elegant range cookers which their customers love to use and their friends admire. These impressive electric models offer heritage character in some stunning colours, together with incredible cooking prowess, all via standard 13 Amp plugs (call us for details of other models). Since 1854 ESSE have been hand-building their warmth-giving products for homes across the land; the technology may have evolved but the methods are essentially the same - experienced foundrymen and innovative engineers working together to achieve culinary excellence. We are delighted to have them on board.


*Prices September 2019