Defrosting Beautifully and Efficiently with your Range Cooker

Frozen food is a great convenience for busy modern lives, but not everything can be cooked from frozen. Your range cooker may have a defrost function you are not exploiting, and it is a really effective way of thawing things quickly and evenly.

Even with the best of intentions, not all of us can remember to plan meals 24 hours in advance and defrosting at the last minute in the microwave can be a bit hit and miss - sometimes you end up with a chicken breast that’s half frozen, half thawed, or a delicate piece of fish slightly cooked at the edges. By using the defrost function on your fanned or multifunction oven you can achieve a perfectly even result surprisingly quickly, with none of the drawbacks of the microwave method.

Defrost Function

Many fanned or multifunction ovens include a defrost function - look for the ice crystal symbol or check your manual

Remove any packaging and pop your frozen meat or fish in the centre of your oven, making sure there is plenty of space for air to circulate, select the defrost function and go about your day. It’s so much quicker than leaving your food to thaw on the worktop and it is kept tidily out of your way until you’re ready to prep dinner. As an example, a salmon fillet will defrost in about 30 minutes. The defrost function just uses the fan without any heat to consistently move air around the cavity, drawing the chill away from your food and using very little energy.

Does Your Range Have This?

Defrost is often overlooked as a function but on range cookers it is usually featured on at least one of the fanned or multifunction ovens, so most people with a dual fuel or all electric range cooker should find it on the control dial as an ice crystal symbol. If you are considering buying a range, check the function list in the spec tables on our product pages, or call us to check on

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Forgot to Thaw the Dessert?

Don’t forget about the pudding! We’re spoilt for choice with the amount of space in our ranges and you may have one cool cavity available, so while you are cooking your dinner, or even once you have sat down to eat, why not defrost your cheesecake or soften the ice cream in your secondary oven? It should be ready by the time you’ve finished your main course - as long as you remember!

or…Why Not Cool Food Down?

If you’re thinking of storing cooked food in the fridge or freezer, you’ll need to cool it to room temperature first or it will upset the cool temperature and compromise your other foodstuffs. The Defrost setting can help you here as well by “blowing” over the food and accelerating the process – simply pop your hot food in the oven and it will be the perfect temperature before you know it.

Getting the most from your range cooker’s multiple functions is very rewarding, and whilst some of the cooking functions will only occasionally be called upon you will find the defrost facility becomes one you are using fairly regularly. Thorough and even defrosting is important, and using this method you know that your food is being defrosted quickly and naturally.

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