Caple Wine Storage Cabinets - A Good Choice, Sir

Caple is a great all-round brand when it comes to appliances, but there is one sector where they seem to hit the mark particularly well - wine cooling. Caple wine coolers epitomise the brand’s skill at coming up with a perfect balance of style, quality and value.

As their reputation has grown, the Caple wine cooler collection has grown to be impressive, from 150mm wide slot-in under-counter units through to integrated in-column wine coolers and freestanding wine cabinets. With 13 units in the Classic collection, featuring a universal stainless steel framed door finish, and 8 cabinets in the glass-fronted and sleek Sense collection, there should be something to suit most needs, with prices from under £200 to around £1400.

Dual Zone Controls

Dual zone controls are perfect for ensuring both red and white wines get into the glass in optimum condition

Not Just For Show

Storing your wine correctly can make all the difference when it comes to ageing, and ensures you get the best from it over a short or a long period. Typically, a wine cooler will have dual climate zones for optimum conditions for both red and white wines, ensuring temperature and humidity are closely maintained. Glass doors include filters to protect your wine from harmful ultra-violet light, and LED interior lights ensure your favourite tipple is displayed to best effect without any temperature issues. Solid wood shelves are often included for a touch of cellar-room authenticity, and add to the pleasure of keeping wine as it should be kept.

LED Lighting

LED lights give a crisp, bright display without introducing unwelcome temperature fluctuations

A dedicated wine cabinet may once have seemed like an indulgence, but to truly enjoy your carefully chosen beverages it makes sense to care for them well. Many a good bottle has been compromised by casual attitudes to storage, and Caple is one of the best brands we know for offering affordable, stylish and reliable solutions for modern domestic environments.

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