Belling Launch New DB4 100 and DB4 110 Models

The Belling DB4 collection has been enhanced and expanded with the introduction of new 100cm and 110cm models in gas, dual fuel, ceramic and induction formats.

Belling DB4 100 and 110

Successful Formula

The Belling DB4 90 series continues to prove highly popular, with its great formula of modern styling, solid build quality and very sensible Belling pricing, so the new DB4 100 and DB4 110 versions look set to be very well-received by UK consumers, with whom the Belling brand is already very much in favour. There will be three finish options available for the standard DB4 - Black, Stainless Steel with black doors, and White (although this is not due until early 2014). Plus, if you would prefer an all stainless steel range there is the Belling DB4 Professional, which commands a slightly higher price but are otherwise exactly the same.

Belling DB4 110 in Black

Sharp Looks, Solid Specs

Based on the same platform as Belling’s Classic collection, the new DB4’s have two good sized ovens - a fanned and conventional, or two gas ovens on gas models - plus a dedicated variable electric or gas grill cavity and a storage compartment. The main oven is fully programmable using a three button LED timer. On top the are seven gas burners, including a powerful wok burner, plus the choice of two electric hobs - a five burner radiant ceramic hob with an additional warming zone, or a touch control five zone induction hob, for the additional power, control and convenience of induction cooking.


At time of launch in November 2013, the DB4 100 is available on from
, or
for the Professional. The DB4 110 starts at
, with the Professional at
. Induction models are £300 or £400 more.

Belling always excel at providing good family cookers for budget-friendly prices, and these new ranges follow in this tradition. The simple but contemporary DB4 look finds itself very at home in modern kitchens owned by design-conscious young families or older Belling aficionados, and these new widths give UK consumers a solid, British-built alternative to some of the tinnier imported offerings in this area of the market.

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Model Codes relating to this article:

Model Fuel Colour Product Code
DB4 100DFT Dual Fuel Black 444443015
  Dual Fuel Stainless Steel/blk 444443016
  Dual Fuel White 444443017
DB4 100GT Gas Black 444443019
  Gas Stainless Steel/blk 444443020
  Gas White 444443021
DB4 100E Electric (ceramic) Black 444443023
  Electric (ceramic) Stainless Steel/blk 444443024
  Electric (ceramic) White 444443025
DB4 100Ei Electric (induction) Black 444443027
  Electric (induction) Stainless Steel/blk 444443028
  Electric (induction) White 444443029
DB4 100DFT Prof Dual Fuel Stainless Steel 444443018
DB4 100GT Prof Gas Stainless Steel 444443022
DB4 100E Prof Electric (ceramic) Stainless Steel 444443026
DB4 100Ei Prof Electric (induction) Stainless Steel 444443030

Model Fuel Colour Product Code
DB4 110DFT Dual Fuel Black 444443031
  Dual Fuel Stainless Steel/blk 444443032
  Dual Fuel White 444443033
DB4 110GT Gas Black 444443035
  Gas Stainless Steel/blk 444443036
  Gas White 444443037
DB4 110E Electric (ceramic) Black 444443039
  Electric (ceramic) Stainless Steel/blk 444443040
  Electric (ceramic) White 444443041
DB4 110Ei Electric (induction) Black 444443043
  Electric (induction) Stainless Steel/blk 444443044
  Electric (induction) White 444443045
DB4 110DFT Prof Dual Fuel Stainless Steel 444443034
DB4 110GT Prof Gas Stainless Steel 444443038
DB4 110E Prof Electric (ceramic) Stainless Steel 444443042
DB4 110Ei Prof Electric (induction) Stainless Steel 444443046