Evil Things at the Strangecookers Studio

'Tis the season for all things evil … and the time of year for the Strangecookers Halloween range cooker to make an eerie appearance. This limited edition cooker offers cutting edge technology in the form of an Incantation Hob - simply recite an age-old spell and behold, instant flames! Perfect for those deserted properties without gas or electric supplies, or sinister forest clearings. You get all of the responsiveness of an induction hob, with none of the safety advantages. Central to the hob is the ultra powerful Witch Burner, ideal for Cauldron cooking, and two spacious oven cavities offer room enough for even the largest of sacrificial goats.


Wicked Specification

Shrunken skull knobs offer complete control of the hob and ovens, with precise temperature control - 'Hot', 'Hotter than Hell', and 'A Little Bit Hotter Again'. Setting the convenient minute minder will allow the Strangecookers 'Screaming Banshee' alarm to warn you when your dish is cooked.

A convenient full length storage drawer provides ample space for pots, pans, meat cleavers and axes, and the cooker is fully levitational to allow for easy height adjustment.

The Strangecookers Ethos addresses a visual that is sadly lacking in today's cooker market - manufacturers offer contemporary cookers for chic urban kitchens, and classical styled models for traditional settings, but the Halloween model sits perfectly in any Gothic castle, dingy basement or dark forest environment - it has even gained a "Witch" best buy award. If your interior is more 'Hell' than 'Elle', it's the cooker that your kitchen has been screaming out for.