ILVE Launch New Colour Match Service

We are delighted to announce that ILVE has launched a new colour match service for its Bespoke Collection. Already available in various colour options, Roma and Milano range cookers can now be customised to suit the mood and theme of the kitchen space with 200 colour possibilities.



Roma in Brilliant Blue

The colour match service costs £795, and includes any hood and plinth on the order. For a comprehensive list of available colours please visit the Official RAL Website to make your selection and choose the colour code.


The Roma is a sophisticated model with a contemporary design. Its companion in the Bespoke Collection is the Milano, a modern interpretation of the quintessential range cooker. A-rated for energy efficiency and built with the highest grade materials, Roma and Milano are available in sizes ranging from a small-scale 60cm to a terrific 150cm, making this brand an ideal choice for any kitchen space. There are seven different hob configurations to choose from including Fry-top, Coup-de-Feu, and Electric Fryer.



Roma in Nut Brown

ILVE is globally renowned for building elegant and contemporary range cookers, robust in design, and at the cutting-edge of cooking technology. The addition of a colour match service presents ILVE customers with a breadth of colour options alongside a comprehensive choice of cooking features.

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