How to Choose the Right Range Cooker For You

Deciding on your first new cooker is not as easy as it sounds. There is more to the decision than simply finding one that fits - each oven has its own pros and cons, and the features which best suit your lifestyle might not be immediately obvious.


To help you to decide the features that will benefit you most, we’re going to break down the different sizes, features, and styles offered across a range of... range cookers so that you’re confident in selecting one that is just right for you.

Varying ovens and features

The most basic of range cookers still offer more useful features than a standard oven. Whilst a traditional built-in oven comes with one large compartment, a range cooker typically comes with at least two compartments, which allows you to prepare food at several different temperatures at once. Not only does this make a range cooker easy to use, but it also gives it a distinctive look.

Range cookers are usually built to be either fan-assisted or ‘conventional’. Fan assisted ovens circulate the hot air around the chamber, and conventional ovens radiate heat – usually from the bottom - but do not circulate the air .Larger range cookers come with lots of additional options, including one or two dedicated grills, a storage drawer for keeping extra accessories like grill trays, and a warming drawer for keeping cooked food hot.

Range cookers typically have more hob space with five or six rings whereas a typical oven usually only has four.

The advantages of a range cooker

The biggest advantage of a range cooker is that all of these features can be used at once, making a meal with lots of ingredients – like a Sunday roast or a fry-up – much easier to plate up whilst everything is still hot.
More traditional range cookers are typically powered by gas, which is a cheaper alternative to electric heating, but you can also get electric ceramic and induction hobs (which require specific pans) along with ‘dual fuel’, which as the name suggests is a combination of gas hob and electric ovens.

An oven which works for you
As you can see, with more features come more options – so whether you’re cooking for a hungry family or putting together a gourmet meal for friends, the right range cooker will have everything you need. Space needn’t be an issue either, as you can choose size and options to suit any kitchen. Rather than working with the oven you have, find an oven that works for you.

Alistair Hardaker is a Content Writer for Britannia Living, supplier of premium kitchen appliances, including their well-known colourange, in which those looking to purchase a range cooker can find the perfect appliance for them in any colour they wish.