Asian Cuisine & Wok Cooking

The mighty wok is one of the most common cooking utensils across East Asia and Southeast Asia, and is a kitchenware staple across Western kitchens. The wok burner is a powerful feature of many range cookers, so take your wok and be inspired — to poach, pan-fry, steam, and sear your way to mouth-watering meals!

Rice Dishes

The following delightful rice dishes can form the basis of your meal.


Hand shaped rices balls with nori.

If you are looking for an authentic way to serve rice with a Japanese meal, look no further than these Onigiri Rice Balls, pictured above. Next, we have a home favourite of Gok Wan – it is delicious as a standalone meal, or as an accompaniment. Gok describes his Perfect Fried Rice as the Chinese Bubble and Squeak!

Noodle Dishes

Noodles are ideal ingredients for speedy midweek meals, and their incredible versatility make them a firm favourite with many wok chefs.


Light and flavoursome, Ken Hom's Chow Mein is sure to delight your tastebuds.

Wok-master Ken Hom delivers an outstanding dish combining spring onions, mangetout and delicately marinated chicken, try out his Chow Mein here. For a spicier meal, why not create Singapore Noodles with flavoured with teriyaki, five spice and madras curry powder.


Satisfying curries are created when you heat spices in oil to create a paste or marinade. Next, the core ingredients are added to absorb flavours. This is followed by the addition of stock, then the pan is set to simmer so the aromatic flavours can develop through cooking.


Madhur Jaffrey shows us the best way to make Thai Red Curry using tamarind paste.

For a spicy and flavoursome curry try Madhur Jaffrey's Chicken Thai Red Curry. The tamarind paste will last for three weeks in the fridge once it is made. For an intense and aromatic curry, try Huy's Vietnamese Chicken Curry, this can be made with any cut of chicken and is served with crusty bread.

Vegetarian Specials

Asian cooking places value on fresh, seasonal vegetables to create healthful and nutrient-packed main meals which are also suitable for plant-based diets.


Vietnamese pho (pronounced 'fuh') combines broth and noodles with onions, herbs, chilli and lime.

This plant-based recipe is a delicious pick-me-up, and perfect for days when you are craving nourishing comfort food – Emily Han's Vegan Vietnamese Pho is a delightful medley of vegetables, ginger and spices.

The last main meal of our feature is traditionally served on a skewer with a dipping sauce. A tantalising mixture of coconut, chilli and water chestnuts, Indonesian Temper with Green Beans and Peanuts can also be served over rice noodles.


For a delicious end to your meal, why not try a traditional-style fritter – or will the lighter spelt dumpling take your fancy instead?


Ottolenghi's deliciously sweet banana fritters are served with a portion of strained ricotta.

Yotam Ottolenghi's Ricotta with Banana Fritters require a fair amount of preplanning, but the actual cooking time is short and straightforward making them perfect for a special meal or dinner party. The ricotta is strained and refrigerated three days in advance, and the results are temptingly sweet.

For a lighter and healthier dessert, why not try these Spelt Doughnuts and Sweet Sesame Tofu – they are nutrient dense, and can be served with raspberries and coconut.

For an in-depth look at wok cooking on a range cooker, check out our blog, Focus on Wok Burners, which explores the different hob options available from our most popular brands. If you have enjoyed creating any of these recipes, why not share them with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?